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Conclusion of S2 World Championship Playoffs announced!

By David 'darthsexy' Figueira
Oct 9, 2012 02:39

ImageSaturday was definitely a bad day for Riot, the professional teams and the audience as some serious difficulties cancelled the big third day. But the conclusion was already announced. Check when it will happen inside!

After the troubling weekend for Riot, they had time to re-think a new strategy to conclude the playoffs.

With this being said, Riot has announced today that the playoffs will be played on Wednesday, October 10th at 5 pm PST (Pacific Time) in the venue where the Grand Final will be held, Galen Center. After a misunderstanding, CLG's Yellowpete announced on facebook that only one game will be played, as the bo3 was 1:1 on saturday.

The players will play in the backstage area while Riot finishes the main stage for the Grand Final on Saturday, October 13th. Also, teams will be separated with no visibility on the opposing team.

Furthermore, the playoffs sadly won't be hosting a live audience on Wednesday.

For more information: Riot's Official Forum



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