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Pre EGL 8 Interview With Proph ShAnE

By Malte 'Gravi7y' Gustafson
Oct 8, 2012 20:36

ImageIt's time again to confirm that we've done another pre EGL 8 interview. This time we found a candidate who is competing in the MW3 tournament.

Shane Mckerral, better known as 'ShAnE', talks about his expectations for upcoming EGL 8 event where he will compete against the best Call of Duty teams around the world.

SK: Hello ShAnE, can you introduce yourself to anyone who doesn't know who you are?

"Hello, my name is Shane Mckerral, live in the south of England and I'm currently playing for Prophecy, a Modern Warfare 3 squad on Xbox 360."

SK: Can you give us a quick run down of your team for those who aren't aware?

"The team consists of Myself, I play the SMG Objective role, Jake who plays SMG support, and gunshy and swanny who need no introduction, the AR slayers."

SK: What placement are you aiming for at EGL 8 and are there any teams in particular you'd like to face and why?

"With this tournament consisting of teams of the highest calibre from all corners of the world, it's hard to say. Top 3 would be a good achievement with all these great teams in attendance, also I would most like to play the ex-SK now Team FeaR squad, also OpTic gaming, I refuse to let them go a whole game undefeated."

SK: Other then yourselves, who do you think the main contenders are for the tournament? Do you think you could win it at all?

"OpTic and nV will probably be the favourites, two great teams with alot of experience, and of course we can win it, just have to be on top of our game and cut out any silly errors. With the teams attending EGL8 they will not go unpunished."

SK: You have just attended Dreamhack in Valencia a few weeks ago. What has your practice schedule been like running up to EGL 8?

"We have been practising say 3/4+ times a week sice then, which in my opinion should be enough to keep us on top of our game. We've attended probably 100 events between us now, we know what needs to be done, its just a case of if we can step up to the plate when required."

SK: Please tell us your Top-5 prediction in correct order.

"1st OpTic
2nd nV
3rd TCM
4th TKO
5th Leverage"

SK: As an experienced member of the community and event veteran, do you have any advice or tips for players attending their first event?

"Just enjoy it, you'll find out everyone at events is very friendly, no matter what placement you get. I can assure you'll have a hilarious weekend, not to mention lan is the only way if you ever want to be in a top team, don't hesitate to speak to the 'pro players' we dont bite, much."

SK: You're a long standing member of the Call of Duty community. What's kept you around and playing?

"It's always been the team mates I've played with and the competition, even though the Call of Duty series hasn't been great, the competitive feel is something that I do really enjoy!"


SK: You have played the Black Ops 2 showmatches at Gamescom in August. What has your impression been of the gameplay you have seen so far?

"Obviously we haven't got to play much, but gunskill wise the game has improved alot; Less auto aim, less head glitches, more run and gun gameplay is whats needed. The campy teams will struggle, teams with alot of firepower will dominate, not to mention there's going to be millions of dollars just thrown at the competitive scene."

SK: Thank you ShAnE for taking the time out to do the interview for SK Gaming, are there any shoutouts?

"Shoutout to the proph boys; Jake, Swanny, GUNSHY, Acid and our editor Stoomz. Also a massive thanks to Razer, Redbull and AOC, and thanks for the interview Gravi7y!
Follow me on twitter @prophShAnE"



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