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CS:GO is the last chance for CS eSport!

By Daniel 'Pente' Seehuber
Oct 9, 2012 10:52

ImageThe EPS winter season started just about a week ago. We got the chance to talk to Bastian Veiser, product manager of EPS, about the current season and his expectations.

A couple of weeks ago the EPS summer season ended with awesome finals at the IFA in Berlin. All matches of the tournament were pretty intense and at the end of the day EPS crowned Hanfy as the winner of StarCraft II. Although he wanted to retire from the competitive StarCraft scene, Hanfy will now also compete in the current winter season.

In League of Legends the newly formed lineup of Team ALTERNATE will try to defend their title as winner of the EPS summer season. As they already managed to beat Moscow 5 in an online tournament, a lot of people expect ALTERNATE to dominate EPS and just stomp through it. On their first play day they've already proven that they are well prepared for the winter season. ALTERNATE defeated teamKR with 53:14.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be the third title in the EPS winter season. This is the very first time CS:GO will take place in the EPS and will replace CS:S in the future. As there are still so many fans of CS 1.6 and CS:S the community did react in very differently to the announcement that CS:GO will replace both titles in the future, but according to Bastian Veiser CS:GO is really the last chance for CS to become a big eSport title again.

We got the chance to talk to Bastian Veiser, the product manager of EPS, about the current season and his expectations:

Hi Bastian, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?
"Sure! I'm 29 years old, 179 cm tall, single and I don't really like to cook. I'm the ESL Pro Series product manager and general drudge for the ESL."

When did you start working as EPS product manager and how did you get the job?
"I am working as EPS product manager for more than 1 ½ years now. I joined Turtle Entertainment about two years before that. At this time I was already responsible for several sections of the EPS."

What's the best part of your job? What was the most exiting moment for you during your time at the ESL?
"Now, after I'm back from the EPS Finals in Berlin, I'm allowed to say it again: I like the events the most! Even though offline events are a lot of work and stress for us. Especially after this years GamesCom and IFA marathon I couldn't wait to be back at my office … but just a week later I'm totally pumped and can't wait for the next offline event to come. For me it is simply the greatest when the concentrated work performance on an event like Gamescom climaxes and everyone has the opportunity to experience first hand what I've worked for so hard."

The Summer Season of the EPS just ended a few weeks ago at the IFA in Berlin. What is your personal conclusion? Was it a complete success or was the IFA maybe the wrong environment for such eSports event, because at the stream the viewers had the impression that not many spectators were present.
"We actually had no intoxicating audiences locally. There were a variety of reasons, and we have learned from it. In the winter season we are back in Cologne, the home of eSports."

The matches of the BenQ Finals in Berlin were absolutely amazing. No day passed without a surprising winner or would you have expected Hanfy to win EPS in StarCraft II?
"No not at all. I was jesting with Hasu before the finals, that he will easily win this tournament. At the end of the day it became Hanfy and he totally deserved it."

After his victory Hanfy said in an interview that he actually wanted to retire from the competitive StarCraft II scene. Now he also competes in the winter season. Where does the sudden change come from? Did you have the opportunity to talk to him about it? How do you rate his chances in the Winter Season?
"No, unfortunately Hanfy already left right after the EPS Finals and gave up his spot for the Berlin Open. The whole thing was very unhappy. Unfortunately, I still have not gotten to speak with him about it. But I'm pretty sure he will be one of the finalists of the EPS winter season."


Totally unexpected Team ALTERNATE won the League of Legends cup at IFA. In the winter season ForellenLord is competing again for Team ALTERNATE, but this time with a completely new lineup, with ex Na'Vi player Kottenx for example. They managed to beat the European powerhouse M5 with this lineup already. Will they just dominate the EPS winter season? Do you think teams like LogiX can really keep up?

"ALTERNATE is really strong and I look forward to a very interesting season. Despite the differences on paper we have just seen recently that in the EPS really anything is possible."

With the upcoming winter season, CS:GO will replace the popular title CS 1.6 in the EPS. The reactions of the users on this were very different and many can not understand why it was necessary to replace CS 1.6. What do you think? Is CS:GO a worthy successor?
"The move was absolutely necessary. I read a lot in our comments but also the opinions on the current scene pages. What many do not understand is that CS:GO is the last chance for CS to get really big in eSports. At least that is my own opinion. There will be other games in the focus if the fans of CS:S and CS 1.6 don't join forces, just look at League of Legends development over the past years I definitely think that GO has the potential to do so."

If you have to name the winners of the EPS winter season right now. Who would you bet on?
"I had the incredible talent to lose basically betting on tip. But if I have to:
ALTERNATE in League of Legends, Hasu in Starcraft2,n!faculty in CS:GO."

Can you already tell us some details about the studio events? Are there any special guests planned? What can eSport fans expect when they come to one of your events?
"We've already announced the dates. We're currently working on the design of the content besides the pure gaming content. We are going make the event quite individually and will provide visitors the special ESL experience ... for us this includes more than just the players and the game itself."

Thank you for taking the time Bastian. I hope the EPS winter season will be even more exciting and breathtaking as the summer season. Is there something you would like to say to our readers?
"I'd like to thank all of you for your great activity and also for the critical voices out there. I'm really grateful for the good input, especially on the scene pages, and would appreciate a little more content coverage for season itself. Thank you!"



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