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EG and Quantic will miss StarLadder Finals

By Antonio 'tower' A
Oct 8, 2012 12:30

ImageEG and Quantic Gaming announced their withdrawn from the Lan finals in Kiev.They will be replaced by MeetYourMakers and AbsoluteLegends.

After the online part for the StarLadder Season 3 has ended , we got the top 8 teams that will compete for the grand prize in Kiev , Ukraine.This will be one of the largest lan events after The International 2 , featuring a prizepool of 15,000 $ and a special bonus.

US Evil Geniuses and US Quantic Gaming managed to join the top eight , but unfortunately they are not able to take the trip and join the Lan-finals in Kiev.However , the teams that are going to replace them are EU Absolute Legends and DK MeetYourMakers .

Official statement from the league administrator Vitalii 'v1lat' Volochai on twitter:
"EG and Quantic did not confirmed their trips to Kiev for SLTV LAN-finals. MYM and AL will replace them!"

Participating teams for the Lan Finals in Kiev , Ukraine:
RU Empire
RU Moscow 5
UA Na'Vi
RU Virtus.Pro
SE Skånes Elit
EU mousesports
DK MeetYourMakers
EU Absolute Legends

Source:v1lat's twitter



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