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BZSX under cheating accusations

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Oct 7, 2012 19:09

ImageFollowing the end of the first qualifier tournament for the Thor Open which ended with Hasta la vista on top, accusations of cheating against BZSX have been released by some teams, including bemyFRAG which revealed a clip with some of the suspicious situations.

This past Friday the first qualifier tournament to get a slot in the upcoming Thor Open came to an end. In the final DK HastaLaVista and SE BZSX clashed to get that slot. The swedish team, made their way to the last battle beating teams like AfterShock Crushed, Team X and bemyFRAG.

The grand final was played on de_train_se, where the danish squadron won the first half with an overwhelming score of 15-0. Was then when after the side switch, the swedish troop mounted a fantastic comeback winning 15 rounds in a row to force the match into an overtime. This abrupt winning streak was the main reason to HLV's players to start thinking on the idea of BZSX using cheats.

As the servers that where used to play this qualifier's matches were not equipped with anti-cheat systems, the idea of the swedes gained strength. Although this situation, the danes managed to win the match with a 25-23.

Later, the spanish side of bemyfRAG complained about the final result of their match against the swedes and released a video with some of the suspicious situations. Also you can find two interviews with HLV's Casper "ruggah" Due and BZSX's Hampus "hMp" Netzell at



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