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HLV gets Thor Open passport

By Blaga 'blg-' Marius Madalin
Oct 7, 2012 13:48

ImageThe first online qualifier for Thor OPEN has finished. HastaLaVista qualified for the $18.800 event which will be taking place on December 8-9 in Stockholm.

A total amount of 64 teams participated in tonight's qualifier which started off with a best of one single elimination bracket to determine the first participant for the event. Beside HastaLaVista and BZSX, notable teams who participated to first qualifier was mTw and Spanish team bemyFRAG, which in the end was defeated by HLV and BZSX.

The grand final took place on de_train_se. Danish HastaLaVista started out strong and managed to win first half as counter-terrorists with a score of 15-0. BZSX with a great comeback do the exact same and force overtime. In overtime Danes managed to win with 25-23 score.

""We are in a good run at the moment and hopefully we can secure a spot in the ESEA ESWC qualifier sometime next week. We are a driven and ambitious team, which gives an even better feeling winning tournaments like this one, where a lot of good teams signed up to try and beat us."

"We will be looking forward to attending the event and we will do everything in our power, to try and stop the mighty Bananas in Pyjamas. We are still in search for an organization, feel free to contact us at""

Final standings of Fragbite Thor Open qualifier #1
1. DK HastaLaVista - qualified for Thor Open
3. ES bemyFRAG
4. EU mTw

Fragbite will run a total of eight qualifiers. Next online qualifier will take place on 13 October. More information for the qualifiers can be found in the following link. Thor Open lan finals will take place on December 8-9 at Kistamässan in the Swedish capital.




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