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Team Solomid's Reginald retiring [UPDATE]

By 'Terces'
Oct 7, 2012 02:32

ImageGoing into Season 3 TSM's Reginald won't be occupying the AP mid lane position any longer.

In an announcement made exclusively by the IGN Pro League team, Reginald of Team Solomid formally announced his retirement from his AP mid position on the team's roster.

As one of League of Legend's longest running players Reginald had come to the conclusion that he hasn't been on the top of his game as of late. In an interview with IPL, he also felt this was due to him getting quite tired of the game as of late. With responsibilities of running the team website ( and being lead Captain and play caller for the team, TSM will have a couple months of preparation before they start season 3. Reginald will take responsibility as the team manager now.

Team Solomid will be announcing Reginald's replacement in the coming weeks.

Reginald's Retirement Announcement

Sigh Apparently the renowned AP mid player was just in a rough spot when he did the 'interview' with IPL. He's staying.



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