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ESWC Qualifiers reach round of 8

By Anzal 'InvokeLIkeNP' Muhammad
Oct 6, 2012 14:00

ImageThe Electronic Sports World Cup qualifiers continue on to their second day, with only eight teams remaining in both the East and West divisions.

The first day of ESWC 2012 qualifiers ended with most of the stronger teams cruising past the other competitors with ease. The next couple of rounds will be played with a best of three format, while the finals will be played as a best of five. The top eight teams will earn a spot on the ESWC LAN finals held in Paris, France.

The competition ahead will be tougher than before, but all teams will have better chances of winning in terms of games to be played. Regardless of a win, US Evil Geniuses will not be allowed to represent their country as USA is already being represented by US Team Dignitas .

ESWC LAN finals slots:
1. UA Natus Vincere (ESWC 2011 Champions)
2. US Team Dignitas
4. CN China Qualifier
5. DZ Algeria Qualifier
6. Kosovo Qualifier
7. Winner of East Qualifier
8. Winner of West Qualifier

Sources: joinDOTA's East Qualifiers coverage, joinDOTA's West Qualifiers coverage



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