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Heart of the Swarm Update #5

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Oct 6, 2012 10:30

ImageThe fifth balance update for the Starcraft II expansion Heart of the Swarm, which is still in the beta stage, has been released yesterday. This time the mothership core, the oracle and the widow mines saw some changes.

The Protoss race had to face most of the changes. The mothership core abilitiy "Purify" has been changed as the mothership core is not required to be attached to the nexus anymore. Besides the shields and health have been lowered, "Purify" lasts a bit longer and the unit requires two supply now. Another change for Protoss affects the oracle as the "Phase Shield" ability has been removed but the "Void Siphon" skill has been added. It can attack enemy structures and collect three minerals every second.

The widow mines have been changed once again for the Terrans. An auto-cast called "Unstable Payload" has been added. That skill will launch a missile when the mine is burrowed.

No changes have been made for the Zerg race and the close future will show if the new updates come in handy. The Protoss got a nice new ability which could be useful for harassment and confusion while the Terrans will be able to protect certain areas pretty good, also against cloaked units, and this might force out more observers, ravens and other detection units.

Full list of changes


Widow Mine
This unit has a new missile ability called Unstable Payload.
Unstable Payload is an auto-cast ability that initiates once the Widow Mine is burrowed. It cannot be turned off unless the unit is unburrowed.This ability launches a missile at a target within 5 range, then starts to rearm another missile.Unstable Payload does 160 damage to a single target and 40 splash damage. The missile auto-acquires cloaked units.The missile auto-acquires temporary units like Hallucinations, Infested Terrans, and Locusts.It takes 40 seconds to rearm the missile. The cost is free for now.The build time of this unit has increased to 40 seconds.


The Phase Shield ability has been removedThis unit has a new ability called Void Siphon.
The Oracle channels a beam at an enemy structure that deals 3 damage and harvests 3 minerals every second until canceled. (Note: This ability will not cause the opposing player to lose minerals.)The range is 7.The damage/harvest effect ticks when you cast the ability and every sequential second following. Void Siphon costs 50 energy to cast.

Mothership Core
This unit’s Purify ability has changed.
When a player casts Purify on their Nexus, it grants the Nexus the ability to attack, no longer requiring the Core to attach itself. The Nexus weapon has a range of 13 and a damage of 20.Purify now lasts for 60 seconds and still costs 100 energy. The scale of this unit has been lowered to 0.8.This unit has had its shield/health lowered to 60/130.This unit now costs 2 supply.

Blizzard has also given some kind of statement as they tell everybody what they intended to do. Their thoughts can be found here!




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