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Season 2 WC Quarterfinals: TPA vs Najin Sword

By David 'darthsexy' Figueira
Oct 6, 2012 00:08

ImageAfter the big opening match with M5 winning against Invictus Gaming, it's time for the Korean NaJin Sword and Taipei Assassins to face each other for a chance to go to the semifinal. Who will win?

After a nice showdown from NaJin Sword winning the group round without a single defeat, they will now face Taiwan's "best team in the world" (called so by many players and summoners) Taipei Assassins. Who will advance in another Asian showdown in the Finals of Season 2?
TW Azubu Taipei Assassins vs. KR NaJin Black Sword

Game 1

Taipei Assassins: Evelynn, Maokai, Sona
Najin Sword: Vladimir, Morgana, Karthus

Taipei Assassins: Jayce, Nunu, Orianna, Kog Maw, Dr. Mundo
Najin Sword: Ezreal, Skarner, Irelia, Taric, Ryze

The game starts with Taipei warding both wraiths and top’s tri-bush, and Najin Sword the Taipei wraiths. Lilballz’s Dr. Mundo started then in blue buff and Najin stole his red buff right away. Later Dr. Mundo steals the red buff right on time, because Skarner was almost arriving.

First blood happens at the 5 minute mark with Dr. Mundo burning flash in mid lane and Orianna picks up an easy kill on Ryze. Both teams keep the bushes well warded avoiding heavy ganking during laning phase in early game. Orianna at 8 minutes tries to steal the blue buff but for a mere second Ryze got it!

Najin tries ganking mid lane, but Orianna uses her ultimate well escaping death. Meanwhile in the bot lane an exchange of poke makes Mistake’s Nunu engage Absolute Zero and picking up Taric, but Ezreal after that kills Kog'Maw. Later on an effective 3-man gank by Najin Sword on top lane kills Jayce under the tower.

An attempt from Taipei Assassins to steal the blue buff begins a 4v4 fight with Najin Sword killing one and Taipei picking up 2 and the blue buff to Kog'Maw. An exchange of pokes on bot lane comes down to a fight where everyone appears, but ends up with Taipei Assassins retreating. Meanwhile on top lane the minions wreck the first top tower.

Taipei keeps controlling Najin Sword’s blue buff, cleaning it fast before the team arrives. Minutes after, Taipei Assassins kills the first dragon of the game and continues to raise the amount of gold difference between the two teams.

At 24 minutes the first team fight happens with Taric initiating and Taipei wrecking Maknoon and other 2 thus managing to win the fight and going straight to baron! Najin is in big trouble at this moment. Moments later a team fight is forced on the second turret of the mid lane and Taipei Assassins demolished Najin for the ace and the surrender! Taipei wrecks in the first match!

Winner: Taipei Assassins

Game 2

Taipei Assassins: Jayce, Evelynn, Orianna
Najin Sword: Vladimir, Kog Maw, Karthus

Taipei Assassins: Shen, Ezreal, Skarner, Blitzcrank, Anivia 
Najin Sword: Sona, Maokai, Corki, Morgana, Jax

Taipei Assassins begin the match warding Najin Sword’s wraiths and blue side bush. With this, Najin attempts to start in the blue buff but Mistake literally pulls the blue buff resetting and making Najin retreat as Taipei steals their blue buff.

With both Ezreal and Blitzcrank on top lane facing Jax and Corki and Sona on bot lane facing Shen, the bot lane attempts to push the turret fast. Out of nowhere Skarner comes bot lane and ganks Corki and Sona, picking up Sona. Corki with the help of Morgana picks up both Skarner for the double buff, then with Maokai joining they dive for the second kill to Corki, even though Corki died to the tower, but no kill for Taipei.

With bot tower destroyed, Jax and the bot lane switches position. Maknoon keeps pressuring Shen to his tower and with an excellently executed gank, Morgana comes and kills Shen under the tower.

An exchange of pokes continues on top lane until Blitzcrank lands the pull and rips Ezreal apart. Sona uses Crescendo for Ezreal's escape but Shen ulting Blitzcrank is still able to pick up the kill. Again on top lane, an excellent Crescendo gives Corki the kill on Ezreal. Seconds after with Blitzcrank close to the tower, Jax appears and dives giving the second kill to Corki.

Najin Sword with this advantage at 16 minute mark, finishes the first dragon of the game and Taipei destroys their first tower in the Top Lane.

On mid lane a 3-man gank attempt to kill Anivia, but a huge bait left Najin Sword in a bad position. Blitz pulls Watch’s Maokai for a quick sweep with Ezreal ultimate and Anivia damage, but still they manage to put Anivia in egg form and Mistake’s Blitzcrank in low hp. The Blitz passive saves him and with a perfect pull he is still able to kill Maknoon’s Jax with tower hits!

The first team fight would happen with a huge pull again from Blitzcrank, but a turnaround happens as Corki picks up a huge double kill with Morgana's ultimate shredding them. Shortly after a second team fight happens but this time was Taipei Assassins that were able to shred down Najin Swords making this a possible comeback from the bad start!

Both teams look to farm up and pick up buffs to get ready for a future fight. A beautiful True Barrage steals Najin Sword’s blue buff! After this Taipei menaces a full force bot push forcing Najin Sword going back, but Taipei finished the second bot tower and backed. Later on they do the dragon, but quickly go to baron as Najin were starting it. Najin see them coming and start to retreat. Another excellent Blitzcrank pull grabs Jax and tries to finish him off but he manages to escape, unfortunately with the fight already started they manage to pick up Morgana and Maokai, pushed all mid and mid inhibitor.

Taipei with this big push, attempts to go baron but Najin goes in, Taipei stops and goes into fight picking up another kill! They are just smashing the fights at this moment.

The last team fight starts with a perfect Skarner ultimate on Maknoon picking up the first kill and the shredding the rest of Najin Sword for the game and last surrender! Taipei Assassins just showed why they are called one of the best teams in the world!

Winner: Taipei Assassins

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