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Season 2 WC Quarterfinals: M5 vs iG

By Teemu 'DMAM' S
Oct 5, 2012 22:18

ImageThe second day of Season 2 World Championship kicks off with the quarterfinals. In the first 'best-of-three' single elimination series we have Moscow 5 going against Invictus Gaming.

As said. Moscow 5, One of the best European teams who are well known for their strong LAN presence is facing Invictus Gaming, not so well-known team from China whose match recordings rarely leak out of Chinese circuit. IG has sure shown what they got but is it enough to take down Moscow 5 ? Let's find out!

RU Moscow Five vs. CN Invictus Gaming
Game 1

M5: Lee Sin, Evelynn, Kog'Maw, Zyra and Xin Zhao
IG: Yorick, Shen, Cassiopeia, Ezreal and Leona

M5: Maokai, Alistar and Jayce
IG: Gragas, Nunu and Sona

The first blood goes for IG when Shen successfully ganks Xin Zhao and with the help of CC from Leona they're able to pick up that kill. The first dragon of the game is taken down by M5 just before 10 minute mark. With Evelynn roaming and picking a couple of kills M5 is able to set themselves even in terms of gold.

15:33 - Once again M5 takes down the dragon with an ease. IG manages to catch them all off-guard and use that opportunity for a 4-0 exchange and a bottom tower in their favor. M5 is able to play this game back and forth by winning a couple of team fights in a row.

At 23:30 M5 takes down Baron Nashor followed by 4th dragon of the game after a 4-0 exchange in their favor. M5 can easily push down IG's turrets with the help of that Baron buff and eventually end the game into a surrender vote from IG at 32:55 with a score of 24-20.

Winner: Moscow 5!

Game 2

M5: Olaf, Lee Sin, Zilean, Kog'Maw and Sona
IG: Vladimir, Shen, Ryze, Ezreal and Alistar

M5: Yorick, Maokai and Jayce
IG: Evelynn, Gragas and Nunu

The second game of the bo3 series starts off with IG invading through the bottom river and catching Olaf off-guard leading into a first blood for them. The first dragon is taken at 9:51 by M5. After that IG seems to be taking the lead, picking kills all over the map.

After 23 minute mark M5 is able to take down the first Baron Nashor after 4-0 exchange under IG's first middle tower. With the help of Baron buff M5 can easily push down 2 middle turrets and separate the score with 6 kills and 4 thousand gold. After one more team fight where M5 is able to ace IG without losing a single life IG pulls out a surrender vote at 30 minute mark with a score of 11-22 in favor of M5.

This means that Invictus Gaming is out and Moscow 5 will be next seen in the Season 2 WC Semi-Finals!

Winner: Moscow 5!

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