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Starcraft 2 stream numbers for September

By Jonathan 'jnune09' Nunez
Oct 5, 2012 20:51

ImageStreaming is an important part of eSports and a big part of players' income. As expected, the top players get the highest view counts.

A website has compiled all the streaming data for Starcraft 2 and every month they release a table with the top 50 streamers. It is not surprising that FR Ilyes 'Stephano' Satouri has the highest average views last month, US Gregory 'IdrA' Fields, who follows right behind Stephano in the ranking, has only half of the views. KR Ji Soo 'ForGG' Park streams more than everyone else with 229 hours just last month - he also placed as the runner-up in the last DreamHack event.

Another impressive stream was the one from CA Sasha 'Scarlett' Hostyn. It is known that Scarlett's internet connection doesn't allow her to stream, but she was able to put out what she called a "GSL quality stream" at 480p. Even without publicizing it, her stream was able to make it to the top six on the average views chart. Scarlett also mentioned that she will be able to stream in the upcoming months in high quality, but didn't mention why or how. These numbers did not include "team" streams, shows, events, or tournaments.

Source: Team Liquid



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