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apeX eSports picks up former oGs members

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Oct 5, 2012 20:31

ImageThe known organisation apeX eSports has expanded into a new section of eSports as they added five new Starcraft II players and a new manager to their roster. Four players have been playing for the Korean team Old Generations before and the last guy is a foreigner but is quite well known as well. (Picture is courtesy of Nicolas Chaussois)

With five more players and a new manager in the roster, apeX eSports will be able to be represented in team leagues and other events likewise.

The first of the new players is KR Man Hyuk 'JookTo' Jo. Though he has been teamless for quite some time the organisation believes he got some talent and might win some games due to his unorthodox way of playing. He has been around Code A for some time but never had big success so he will still have to prove that he is a good player and can play on the same level with the best.

KR Lee 'VINES' Sang Hun is one of the players who has been playing for oGs back in the days. He is one of the Protoss players who is known for his macro style. When his death-ball attack is coming in not many players are able to beat him so he will be quite a good addition to the Starcraft II roster.

One Terran can be found as well. He was at his best in 2011 as he made it to go the GSL August Code S finals where he lost against the multiple GSL champion KR Jong Hyeon 'MVP' Jung but he still considered to be one of the good Terrans in Korea. KR Jung Hoon 'TOP' Kim will have a lot of work to do but he is able to give some good players a headache.

The second and last Protoss in the lineup is another former oGs member. KR Jun Hyuk 'InCa' Song is one of a kind as he will most likely use DT's in any game and any matchup. As he had a 80% win-rate in 2011 he is considered one of the very good Protoss players who whill also try to invent new tactics.

The last guy in the lineup is not Korean and has been around the Starcraft II scene for a long time. SE Carl Stefan 'MorroW' Andersson is known for his strong macro and good economy in his games. Whenever he faces another Zerg player he will play as a Terran and try to win with the power of marines and tanks. He has not been at many events in the past and his recent results were not the best but apeX eSports still thinks that he will be a valuable addition to the roster.

With the new manager Joachim 'Hofven' Hofvenschiöld the roster will be complete. He will manage the team and also be an editor and report about any of the action of the Starcraft II team. One of the first events where you can see some of the players in action will be the DreamHack Bucharest. More information is supposed to follow in the close future.

Starcraft II roster of apeX eSports

Source: Team Liquid



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