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PES Season starts this weekend with SK attendance

By Patrick 'Pad93' Strack
Oct 6, 2012 09:40

ImageAfter the phenomenal Champions league match between ManCity and Borussia Dortmund two days ago, the first tournament of the PES 2013 season will take place in the capital city of football: Dortmund

Like every year, Konami will host a few offline tourneys in different German cities, where the participants have the chance to qualify for the big final, the German Masters which will take place next year. This weekend Konami will host the first tourney of the season in cooperation with Saturn, a big German electronic shop. The winner of the tournament will be qualified for the German Masters and get a Playstation 3. The other participants are collecting ranking points. With these ranking points the can qualify for the German masters indirect.

Of course the aim of SK's own PES Pros Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel and Sven 'S-Butcher' Wehmeier will not to qualify for the German Masters via ranking points, they want to win one the of the 13. city tourneys, to get the direct qualification for the German masters next year. The first chance will be in Dortmund this weekend, where both players will attend and give their best to win this event.

A little statement from PES Pro Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel:

"The new PES 2013 is very good and makes a lot of fun. Therewith I will attend at more events like in the past. The participation at the German Masters should be no problems like the last years. This is my first intermediate goals, but the main aim will be the win of the German Masters next year. I attended at four German Masers in the past and I have the skill and experience to reach this aim. But the season is very long and everybody who attended at the German Masters know that not only the skill of every player will decide such a big tournament, also the condition of the players at that important day and a little bit of luck will decide the winner of the German Masters. Maybe I can reach a Top 3 placement like in the season 2010/2011. The big rivals like every year will be the guys from mousesports and my team mate Sven 'S-Butcher' Wehmeier. Especially S-Butcher is very motivated and therewith a good training partner for the season this year."

All dates of the 13 city tourneys

Würzburg – 13.10.2012
Dortmund – 20.10.2012
Frankfurt a.M. - 27.10.2012
Hamburg – 17.11.2012
Stuttgart – 24.11.2012
Hannover – 01.12.2012
Bonn – 12.01.2013
Oberhausen – 19.01.2013
Münster – 09.02.2013
Berlin – 16.02.2013
Köln – 16.03.2013
München – 23.03.2013
Kassel – 06.04.2013



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