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H2k Gaming start its CS:GO way

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Oct 5, 2012 13:36

ImageAfter some time of inactivity, the dutch based organization just presented their brand new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad. The new structure is composed by former CS 1.6 players from Sweden.

It is a time of changes for H2k Gaming. The dutch organization presented their new management staff shortly ago, and now they announced the addition of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squadron.

The new troop that will represent the organization, features very well known players from the Counter-Strike 1.6 era, all of them from Sweden. As most experienced members, this structure will have SE Joel 'emilio' Mako and SE André 'keiz' Carlsson. In the swedish squad we also will see two players that are not that experienced, but they for sure have talent to face the exigences of the actual scene of the Valve's first-person shooter game.

The brand new CS:GO team is composed by:
SE Joel "emilio" Mako
SE Hugo "huggan" Lopez
SE André "keiz" Carlsson
SE Olof "Olofm" Kajbjer
SE John "wenton" Eriksson

Joel "emilio" Mako stated about the move:
"We are happy to join H2k since we have been searching for a stable home. Since H2k is now fully reborn with freshblood and everything is going great, we would like to thank everybody for this chance given to us, and we will in return show our best performance to have a long term future realationship with H2k."

H2k's CEO, Endel "MedaY" Koch also released a statement:
"We are happy to take this team under the ranks of H2k. We have been searching for a long time, to find a stable team, that is filled with young and motivated players. We will give our best support for them, to have a long working relationship with them. We would like to say thanks for everybody supporting us and supporting those players. Your support means everything to us !"

The first LAN tournament which H2k CS:GO will attend will be the opening qualifier for the Swedish Championship, taking place in the Swedish capital city in October 23rd.




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