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Season 2 WC: Group B

By David 'darthsexy' Figueira
Oct 5, 2012 02:57

ImageAfter an emotional and packed with action Group A, it's time for a showdown on Group B. Who will come on top in this most surprising group stage?

Group B is considered the easier one out of the two groups and most people believe NaJin Sword and CLG.EU will advance from it with ease. Will Dignitas bring out some secret strategies though? Will Saigon Jokers prove that they are stronger than anyone has thought? The next 6 matches between these teams will give the answers to all of that!

Group B

US Team Dignitas vs EU Counter Logic Gaming EU

Dignitas: Anivia, Malphite, Alistar Katarina, Skarner, Draven

Dignitas: Ezreal, Shyvana, Gragas, Darius, Taric Irelia, Sona, Orianna, Maokai, Kog Maw

The game starts with both teams controlling the wraith area with wards. With Dignitas starting on blue buff, steals their red buff and Dignitas does the same after picking up blue. Weird laning begins with Ezreal against Sona and Orianna in mid lane and Taric and Gragas versus Kog Maw in Botlane.

The first three kills of the game happen at the 5 minute mark with Shyvana and Taric ganking mid lane and picking first blood, but Orianna and Maokai killed both Taric and Shyvana after that.

Both teams proceed to play passive until Yellowpete got caught in a 3-man gank on bot lane and Scarra picked up an easy kill. Meanwhile in top lane Wickd escapes another gank with barely any health, with this Dignitas takes down the first tower of the game. Scarra also evaded a 3-man gank with almost picking up a kill.

The first team fight happens after took the dragon and Dignitas the mid tower. Yellowpete forced the fight which ended with both teams losing 2 members then passive gaming began again for both teams. picked the second dragon of the game.

The second team fight happens in the mid lane with Patoy and Crumbzz starting it and getting wrecked by the power house team comp of, who picked up four kills and baron. With the baron buff advantage they begin to take down objectives on bot lane. Right after the baron buff goes down, they force the last team fight with picking up the win in the fight and game!


KR NaJin Black Sword vs VN Saigon Jokers

NaJin Sword: Twisted Fate, Lee Sin, Alistar
Saigon Jokers: Sivir, Evelynn, Diana

NaJin Sword: Jayce, Skarner, Sona, Corki, Ryze
Saigon Jokers: Shen, Ezreal, Karthus, Lux, Irelia

The game starts with Irelia camping bot lane with Lux. As minions arrive, Corki gets surprised by the underdogs when Irelia wrecks in a 3vs2 fight picking up the kill and early advantage. Quick first blood to Saigon Jokers!

The bot lane agressive play continues with Ezreal poking Sona and Corki, and with a chance to kill goes in and grabs the kill on Corki, but getting a tower hit and a basic attack by Sona gets himself killed.

Continuing the agressive play, both teams get some kills with small fights on bot lane. A huge gank envolving Ezreal, Ryze and Lux pick both Corki and Sona. Later again, another fight happens with Saigon killing Sona with the help of Shen by ulting Ezreal and ganking, but MaKNoon’s Jayce was there and even 3vs2 they caught Ezreal and killed him forcing Lux and Shen to fall back with this Najin Sword wrecked the first tower of the game.

The first dragon goes to Saigon Jokers, and immediately a fight happens in mid lane with Saigon forcing the fight and getting beaten abruptly killing 3 and picking both mid towers.

Najin Sword begins to pressure top lane on the second tower at 15 minutes and both teams poke each other for a couple of seconds, but Najin won the poke fight and took down the second top tower.

The second dragon went to Najin Sword and then caught Archie’s Ezreal alone and off guard killing him. Najin kept grabbing kills after the error by Saigon’s carry and picked the third mid tower, Archie respawned and just before the tower getting destroyed, he managed to kill Ryze with a True Barrage.

The last fight happens at 22 minutes on Saigon Jokers base. Saigon forced a fight right after some seconds of pokes and Corki melted their team giving Najin Sword the win on the fight and game as Saigon Jokers surrendered the game after.

Winner: NaJin Sword

KR NaJin Black Sword vs EU Counter Logic Gaming EU

NaJin Sword: Anivia, Alistar, Irelia Skarner, Evelynn, Jayce

NaJin Sword: Ezreal, Maokai, Orianna, Sona, Nidalee Malphite, Shyvana, Lulu, Tristana, Karthus

The game started out slow unlike the majority of matches we've been seeing in the day earlier. No notable jungle invades occurred and the teams were just covering their tracks with a few well placed wards and traps on top and bot. Snoopeh began early with the first invade with Shyvana against NaJin to force Maokai away from his own red. Meanwhile, at bottom lane, the aggressive duo combination of Ezreal and Sona would keep the pressure up and poke Corki down for first blood. But quickly following Shyvana would turn along with Malphite to get revenge on Nidalee top. Maokai would then prepare for the second kill down bottom as he patiently awaits in his own lane brush and then jumps on Lulu to complete the kill. The story at bottom lane would continue as Ezreal and Sona continuously poke down Tristana and Lulu and follow that pressure up with the ultimate by Sona and the double kill for NaJin. At the 14 minute mark Wickd on Malphite can't do anything against Nidalee top as his CS is absolutely being slaughtered. He sports a 60 CS against Nidalee's 110 at the 14:25 minute mark into the match.

Through a couple missed ganks by, and with NaJin catching off guard in places, they would get their second turret kill of the game on top lane at 15:50 and follow it up with their 2nd consecutive dragon of the game. can't seem to get anything done and, if they're lucky to do a full 5v5 team fight, the power of NaJin proves to be too much. Knowing how powerful their team is becoming NaJin begins to effectively push all three lanes simultaneously and CLG can't seem to hold them off. With a couple last team fights, and the eventual Baron kill for NaJin, they would be up in kills 19-5 and have a staggering 20k gold lead at the 27:00 minute mark of this match. would try to make one final stand in their base on the middle turret but the beefiness and power that is NaJin Sword would prove to be too much. They take the turret, inhibitor, and end the game.

Winner: NaJin Sword

US Team Dignitas vs VN Saigon Jokers

Dignitas: Irelia, Evelynn, Alistar
Saigon Jokers: Gragas, Diana, Shyvana

Dignitas: Shen, Udyr, Katarina, Corki, Nunu
Saigon Jokers: Jayce, Ezreal, Karthus, Leona, Malphite

It was a stand off at first with a few close calls, potentially disaster brush checks, but no serious team fighting occurred at level one. Saigon invaded the red buff side of Dignita's jungle and took with them both the wraith camp and red buff. Meanwhile, at top lane, Udyr and Nunu would recognize this and invade Saigon's red to make the buffs even. The lanes were anything but normal at this point with Corki and Nunu top against Jayce, Shen versus Karthus bottom, and Katarina solo mid to deal with Leona and Ezreal. First blood quickly came out with Karthus putting the pressure onto Shen and gets the help with jungle Malphite (carrying red buff) to make sure they secure the kill. Patoy on Nunu tries to be sneaky top lane to grab golems but Saigon are fully aware and converge fully onto his position to pick up the kill with Ezreal quickly following suit from mid to finish off Corki as well. Dignitas finally makes something happen with Shen getting the better advantage over Karthus bottom to pick up their first kill of the game with the help of Udyr.

At this point Dignita's confidence transfers to middle lane where they try to make a gank happen with the Shen ultimate on Katarina and they pick up Leona. Unfortunately for them, Saigon answers right back with the followup and picks of both Udyr and Shen for the 2 to 1 exchange.

It's nine minutes into the game with Saigon Jokers being up on Dignitas 5 kills to 2 with a 1.5k gold advantage. Safe to say that they have caught Dignitas off guard and are not going to go down lightly.

The bad news would continue for Dignitas as they try and make the ganks happen but they simply can not convert on any of their efforts. Katarina would get caught middle on a three man gank and Dignitas would try and get back at them with a dive bottom onto Jayce. Simply put, their damage was not enough and they would have to blow a considerable amount of ultimates just to take down a single Jayce. Saigon would follow this up by coming in and picking off another vulnerable Scarra on Katarina as he tries to escape. Saigon Jokers would follow this success up with two turrets kills on bot lane and the first onto the middle lane as well. With their gaining confidence and strength, Saigon would do a full 5-man push down middle lane to simply demolish the last outside turret and keep on rolling on to both the first base turret and inhibitor. In the process of trying to defend, Dignitas would lose four of their members. Being the only member up, Shen would try and defend as much as he could but would fall in doing so as Saigon takes out one nexus turret before they decide to back off and not risk potentially throwing their lead.

At 25 minutes into the game Saigon Jokers have stunned Dignitas with 16 kills to their 4 and now maintain a 11.6k gold advantage. Saigon would go for the first Baron kill at 26 minutes and they would do so while they are not contested whatsoever by Dignitas. Even if Dignitas did, they'd have a hard time doing so, as Saigon had absolutely littered the blue buff side with wards everywhere. With Baron on hand Saigon go for the top lane base turret and would meet one final stand from Shen as they push onwards into Dignita's base. It wouldn't matter as Shen falls and Ezreal storms in with his team to pick up the quadra kill and complete the MASSIVE underdog victory.

Winner: Saigon Jokers

EU Counter Logic Gaming EU vs VN Saigon Jokers

Bans Skarner, Evelynn, Ezreal
Saigon Jokers: Anivia, Diana, Alistar 

Picks Irelia, Sona, Maokai, Kog'maw, Karthus
Saigon Jokers: Jayce, Shen, Morgana, Caitlyn, Nunu

What do you get when you give Froggen Karthus and don't pressure him? A record-breaking CS. Farming was the name of this game, as was set on powering up and then pushing through their opponents with Karthus and Kog'maw. Somewhat of a surprise, though, was the story of top lane.

Lately we've seen a shift from the heavy top-focussed ganks to a more spread out style, where the jungle tries to help all lanes evenly, maybe even favouring bot. Apparently no one told Saigon Jokers. After a quick gank from Maokai at level 2 and a kill on to Jayce for Irelia, Shen made it his mission in life to shut Wickd down. He was unsuccessful, to say the least.

With the assistance of Karthus ultimates and superb play, Wickd's Irelia managed to slip out of 2v1's and even turn them around, resulting in numerous kills and a lack of Dragon pressure that allowed to run away with the mid-game. After decided they are bored with farming they casually march up to Baron and begin to take it. The Saigon Jokers, unable to fight them head on, rush up middle and secure two turrets, but are chased down in the jungle and end up losing 4 members. With a massive gold lead and Baorn buff, strides in to Saigon Jokers' base for an easy win.


KR NaJin Black Sword vs US Team Dignitas

Najin Sword: Alistar, Katarina, Skarner
Dignitas: Evelynn, Nidalee, Malphite

Najin Sword: Shen, Sona, Lee Sin, Corki, Anivia
Dignitas: Ezreal, Udyr, Irelia, Diana, Blitzcrank

The final match of the day really doesn't mean much in terms of standings for this particular tournament, but it is a chance for Dignitas to show they still have some fight left in them. The match ended up looking really back and forth though it could be said that Najin Sword did not seem to be trying too hard.

The early game was essentially just Dignitas getting man-handled left and right by the likes of Sword, as Sword took free dragons and initiated favourable fights on Dignitas. After numerous catches and a particularly bad fight which ended up a 4 - 1 kill trade for Sword, only losing Corki, Dignitas seemed pretty much out of this one.

However Dignitas gets a good catch on to Maknoon and fights the ensuing 4v5, coming out with 3 more kills and they run for Baron. Sword responds though and manages to back Dignitas off Baron as well as kill 2 of their members. After some pushing and counterpushing Dignitas heads for Baron again, securing it at the cost of 4 of their players. Sword seizes this opportunity to push down mid lane and take the inhibitor. Soon after they take out top up to the inhibitor, and with a final push win the game.

Winner: Najin Sword

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