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Eclypsia picks up Team Kharkiv

By Anzal 'InvokeLIkeNP' Muhammad
Oct 5, 2012 00:27

ImageSoon after the dismissal of Darer, captain ArtStyle chose to form an all-Ukrainian team called Kharkiv. Today the team has been acquired by an organisation which was previously linked with controversies - Eclypsia.

Shortly after The International 2012, BG Darer Entertainment disbanded and UA Ivan 'ArtStyle' Antonov decided to form a team based on a group of experienced Ukraninan players, known as UA Team Kharkiv . Today the team has been picked up by FR Eclypsia .

Statement by the team manager of Team Kharkiv:
"I am glad to join forces with Eclypsia, and I believe we will have a fair co-operation, as they are an organization worthy of my trust. "

Statement by Captain Artstyle:
"I’m excited about the organization we are joining, and I expect their full support, while I can promise for Dota 2 squad to give it’s best at achieving tournament’s goblets."

With the presence of expert players like UA Andrew 'ALWAYSWANNAFLY' Bondarenko and UA Andrew 'Mag~' Chipenko, Team Kharkiv was destined to grow. An organisation to support their cause is just what they needed. Eclypsia was previously linked to rather critical allegations against them hence one can only hope for things to work out between the two parties. Team Eclypsia is currently participating in Starladder Season 3 and has also enlisted itself in the ESWC east qualifiers.

Eclypsia's roster:

Source: Eclypsia website



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