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Season 2 WC: Group A

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Oct 4, 2012 21:27

ImageThe time has finally come! Season 2 World Championship is starting right now and SK Gaming is providing you with the best match reports for every game!

The Group of Death. Two of the strongest Asian teams, one of the oldest League of Legends squads not only in NA, but in the world, and our very own SK - the team that has the ability to surprise everyone.

Two will advance. Two will leave the Championship today. It's all in their hands.

Let's get the action started!

Group A

KR Azubu Frost vs CN Invictus Gaming

Azubu Frost: Yorick, Evelynn, Jayce
Invictus Gaming: Anivia, Lux, Skarner

Azubu Frost: Ezreal, Alistar, Vladimir, Shen, Jax
Invictus Gaming: Jarvan IV, Nocturne, Corki, Leona, Swain

The first game of the Season 2 Finals started with iG taking great advantage of the fog of war and catching RapidStar on Vladimir in Frost's jungle for the first blood. They also stole the red buff while PDD on Jarvan took the blue buff and went bot lane. Frost responded brilliantly when Shy on Jax was ganked by 3 people under his turret but took a kill himself and survived. A 3-man gank on Zzitai's Swain in mid lane gave a second kill for Frost. The Chinese AP Carry quickly showed they shouldn't mess with him when he got a double kill ganking the top lane. iG took the two top turrets as well, while Frost took the first dragon in return. As they were retreating from the dragon pit PDD killed Woong on Ezreal, but paid for it with his life.

After a couple more traded kills and great ganks, Shy got caught in his jungle, which made iG immediately go for Baron and Frost followed them. Woong made the mistake of facechecking the river bush and got obliterated, which made iG go back to Baron. CloudTemplar on Shen somehow managed to steal it but Frost paid for it with 3 deaths. Shy who respawned by that time though returned one kill.

The Korean team started pushing mid lane and initiated on the defending iG, getting 3 clean kills, two turrets and the first inhibitor. iG responded very well in the second team fight though winning it 4 for 1. Frost managed to sneak the second Baron but iG still won the following team fight 4-2 when the Korean team tried to take the respawned mid inhibitor. Frost turned around their luck catching XiaoXiao's Leona in the river and turning it into an ace, losing only 2. That made iG go on the defensive but as Baron respawned they had to contest it. With Shen pushing their top lane while all other players were near Baron, iG had to initiate or retreat and they did the former. The initiate was really bad though and they got aced for the second one, taking only two kills. Woong immediately went for iG's nexus and finished the game a bit after the 40 minute mark.

Winner: Azubu Frost

CN Invictus Gaming vs US Counter Logic Gaming

Invictus Gaming: Sivir, Olaf, Draven Ezreal, Jayce, Shen

Invictus Gaming: Alistar, Skarner, Yorick, Vladimir, Corki Dr. Mundo, Diana, Lulu, Cassiopeia, Graves

The game started with a little aggression from both teams but no first blood was drawn. iG stole CLG’s blue buff, while PDD on Yorick was taking their own for himself. Soon after Skarner ganked bot and took first blood on Doublelift. That let iG’s bot lane get the upper hand and they quickly took out the turret. The Chinese team also took the first dragon of the game.

What followed was a little skirmish for iG’s blue buff in which Voyboy on Diana died. Soon after XiaoXiao’s Alistar got caught in the river and CLG scored a kill. Skarner landed a perfect Impale on Doublelift in mid lane and he got blown up in a second. iG’s jungler then took the second dragon, while CLG showed they weren’t out of the game by taking two kills in mid lane.

Both teams were camping around Baron, when iG managed to catch HotshotGG off guard and burst him down. That let them take the buff and three more kills, while only their support died. The Chinese team got a couple of turrets thanks to the baron buff. CLG responded with a dragon kill, but when they were retreating Chauster went down. iG continued to siege CLG’s base and initiated on them getting 4 kills. Only Bigfatjiji on Cassiopeia remained alive and even managed to get a double kill, but CLG didn’t want to continue the fight and surrendered around the 30 minute mark.

Winner: Invictus Gaming

EU SK Gaming vs KR Azubu Frost

SK Gaming: Vladimir, Skarner, Jax
Azubu Frost: Twisted Fate, Ezreal, Orianna

SK Gaming: Alistar, Irelia, Sona, Caitlyn, Karthus
Azubu Frost: Shen, Corki, Lux, Singed, Anivia

Frost starts the game quite aggressive early on, as they steal SK's first two red buffs. Even though Frost continued playing phenomenal, there were no kills on the board yet at the 11 minute mark. Corki drew first blood thanks to a Shen gank, however SK turned the tides and got 2 kills on Caitlyn. 15 minutes into the game, Frost already pushed all of SK's tier 1 turrets down.

A couple of minutes and kills later, SK decided to engage a team fight. It showed that their team combo was rather late-game oriented, as they lost the fight 4-0. With no more oracle on SK, frost is using their sight and catches SK's Ocelote which leads to a free baron.

Not much time has passed as Frost still rolls over SK. Singed diving the nexus turrets and fighting the whole SK team by himself for quite some time pretty much described the whole game. Frost wins with a huge gold advantage and secures a 2-0.

Winner: Azubu Frost

EU SK Gaming vs US Counter Logic Gaming

SK Gaming: Sivir, Olaf, Sona Alistar, Gangplank, Irelia

SK Gaming: Shen, Nunu, Ezreal, Jayce, Lux Lulu, Cho Gath, Orianna, Graves, Diana

SK Gaming's second game starts with a big play from Doublelift, as he steals the red buff that should have gone to Ezreal. With red buff on Graves, Ezreal was falling behind in CS early. So SK decided to get rid of Graves' red buff by killing him with a beatiful heal bait first blood on Ezreal with another kill on Lulu followed after that.

CLG runs the teleport spell on 3 champions, and it showed: Just a couple of minutes into the game, a big fight erupted on bot lane, as Ezreal almost killed Graves. However, 2 people from CLG immediately teleported into the fight and SK reacted too, which led to a 5v5 fight in bot lane. Because of a 3-2 and a lost oracle, SK lost their lead.

As some time passed by both teams were split pushing and farming their way through the game, while still trying to go for objectives. SK are able to pick up a quick baron thanks to Shen pushing bot and forcing CLG to get there. However, Graves is still split pushing bot lane and gets the inhibitor, while SK only managed to kill 2 champions of CLG. With only Shen going back to defend, Graves continued pushing. CLG simply outplayed SK by letting them push with 2 man defending, while 2 members respawned and teleported into SK's base to help Graves pushing down the nexus.


US Counter Logic Gaming vs KR Azubu Frost

Azubu Frost Orianna, Evelynn, Alistar:, Skarner, Ezreal

Azubu Frost: Maokai, Jax, Sona, Miss Fortune, Karthus Olaf Lulu Dr. Mundo, Graves, Cassiopeia

The game started off pretty equal, both teams showing early aggression, which however didn't result in any kills. First blood came out early, as HotShotGG on Dr. Mundo managed to catch the enemy jungler out of position, and backed up by bigfatlp on Cassiopeia, secured the kill.

From that point on both teams focused on farming, with the American team trying to shut down top lane. Initially they did: After a perfectly executed gank by Mundo on the top, they managed to kill Shy's Jax, bringing the result to 2:1.

Azubu Frost quickly answered the early aggression in the same way - putting pressure on all lanes and forcing CLG to over commit. Regardless of being behind in kills, Shy on Jax managed to score a double kill all by himself in a very dominant way after a 1v2 situation. The Koreans then pushed forward their advantage by taking an uncontested Baron just 15 minutes into the game. All that was left to do was push for the win, which they did in a pretty one sided way, securing a clear sweep trough the group and on to the quarterfinals.

Winner: Azubu Frost

EU SK Gaming vs CN Invictus Gaming

SK Gaming Yorick, Vladimir, Sona
Invictus Gaming Orianna, Twisted Fate, Alistar

SK Gaming Jayce, Nunu, Udyr, Corki, Karthus
Invictus Gaming: Shen, Leona, Ezreal, Cassiopeia, Malphite

SK Gaming had the opportunity to put this group into a three-way tie, which would mean they had to win their last game. It all began very good for SK, after sealing first blood things were looking good.

iG, on the other hand, had different plans about the situation. They responded with pretty straightforward aggression on bot lane. The Chinese team sent their jungler to camp bottom lane, completely shutting down SK from taking further actions.

In the last minutes of the match, after a perfectly executed team fight in favor of iG, with a 4 for 1 exchange, SK Gaming decided that the game is over and ended it with a surrender vote.

Winner: Invictus Gaming

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