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Last details for the ROG The GD Invitational

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Oct 4, 2012 17:04

ImageAs the last players have been revealed and additional information has been given, the ROG The GD Invitational, that will take place in 10 days, has been fully explored and everyone knows what is coming up soon - it could very likely be one remarkable tournament.

The tournament series of the RoG brand has been around for some time and is known for the format that only invited players can participate. Barely a handful of players is invited to mess with all the other players to win some money and earn prestige.

The next RoG tournament will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. The event will be from 13th to 14th October and there will be no audience, since the event will take place in the GD Studio. Eight European players have been invited and will fight for the biggest amount of money from the $ 10.000 price pool.

Some slight changes have been made as the groupstage format will be in a round robin format and not GSL style anymore. That will cause every game to be important and all the results will matter as the group winners will directly advance to the semi-finals.

Full player list

Price distribution

1st: $ 4000
2nd: $ 2000
3rd/4th: $ 1000
5th/6th: $ 700
7th/8th: $ 300

As already pointed out there will be a groupstage followed by playoffs. Apollo, Semmler and some guests are supposed to cover the whole event on the free HD stream. More details about the groups and the schedule will be released when the tournament is coming closer.

Source: Team Liquid



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