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TCM Changed Their Roster

By Malte 'Gravi7y' Gustafson
Oct 4, 2012 00:08

ImageWith EGL8 just being around the corner, the European top team TCM have changed their line-up.

Few days before the Dreamhack Valenica event has been held, Prophecy recruited TCM's player Jakee. Since then, TCM looked for a new 4th player. At the end, only two weeks before the next European Gaming League event is going to be held, TCM's member Hammers announced that he will leave the team because he won't have enough time anymore to play at the top level.

Now, TCM announced that they've picked up two well known players, Joshh and MadCat. They both together finished 2nd at EGL's latest event, playing for SK Gaming.

Joshh, who had attended Dreamhack Valenica playing for apeX.eSports and finished 1st, decided to leave apeX to play with his old mate MadCat.

How will this team perform and will they manage to place in the Top-3 in Manchester at EGL8?

Team manager UK Michael 'Swizz' Butterworth about TCM's current situation:

"I am pleased to announce the addition of Dylan "MadCat" Daly and Joshua "Joshh" Sheppard to team, I would also like to thank Alex for his commitment to the team and wish him well as he is pursuing his education and no longer has the time to commit to the level of commitment it takes to remain at the very top of the scene. It's certainly sad to see him go I enjoyed working with him and he is such a nice guy. Moving on the addition of Josh and Dylan will definitely compliment Rich and Ryan and maintain TCM’s position as one of the top teams in Europe , I can't wait to see this team perform at EGL8, I would like to give a massive thank you to Jim & Craig who have shown us nothing but the best support in every decision we make, and shout outs to our sponsors, CM Storm, CoolerMaster, CCL, BenQ, Mulitplay.""

TCM Gaming MW3:

UK Ryan 'Flux' Oldfield
UK Richard 'Rich' Cook
UK Josh 'Josh' Sheppard
UK Dylan 'Madcat' Daly

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