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Five new teams for SLAP LIVE #26

By Blaga 'blg-' Marius Madalin
Oct 3, 2012 17:42

ImageAnother five teams have been published by SLAP LIVE organisers for the upcoming $12.797 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament which will take place in Denmark.

Danish event organized by SLAP eSports will collide with Electronic Sports World Cup 2012 (ESWC). The sign-ups for the SLAP LIVE #26 CS:GO tournament are open for all the teams that pay the $77 registration fee before the deadline, 19th of October.

A week ago it was announced that the Brazilian legend BR Raphael 'cogu' Camargo will visit Denmark with his new CS:GO team Progaming.TD, to participate at SLAP LIVE #26. Now, five more teams have was published.

SLAP LIVE #26 teams:
DK 3DMAX! (gravityy, xlo, socN, dupreeh, vnG)
BR Progaming.TD (zqk, cogu, steelega, zakk, tdrkz)
FR redByte (mki_, TAKUUU, sp0t, OZWALD, TBA)
DK Aarhus Bears (NETRICK, MithRiL, JuhL, PLANN, TBA)
DK Jersey Shore (lopstar, Mr nobody^, Mr nobody^, Lass3, GnuEN)
DK Viborg eSport (Captain Blood, FryLanD, mat, AzIca!, RAYNE)
PL Banana Phone (peet, prv, Hyper, adamsk1, DEJV)
NO GIVE IT ALL (centeks, kjaer, akcl, TBA, TBA)

Most of teams from the list are not known, but 3DMAX and Norwegian team Give It All, are in ESWC Nordic's online qualifier. The Norwegian team succeeded in the first round to win against Swedish team Absolute Legends. Danish 3DMAX was defeated by the Norwegian/Sweden mix-team called gosu.

The Danish event will take place on November 1-4 during the Gadgets & Games expo in the Fredericia Exhibition Centre. For additional information and how to sign up, click here.




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