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Moscow 5 replaces CLG at TPL3

By Anzal 'InvokeLIkeNP' Muhammad
Oct 3, 2012 15:52

ImageFollowing their drop from Starladder, Counter Logic gaming decides to withdraw from The Premier League as well. Russian team Moscow 5 will replace them.

Counter logic gaming has dropped itself out from yet another tournament. The team to replace them is none other than the newly formed Moscow 5. Initially, Moscow 5 was not invited to the league due to the increasing number of teams dropping out of tournaments. But in a statement on their official website today, Moscow 5 has confirmed their entry into The Premier League:

" We support this decision of The Premier League. Even though the management wanted to neglect the offer to come back, we realize that acting on principle will only harm our players, for whom every official match is a step up. Therefore we have contacted them and every single one of them expressed the desire to participate in this league. We would like to thank TPL organizing committee for making a wise decision. Moreover we would like to thank everyone, who has supported us on this matter. "

It is still unclear why Counter League gaming has made this decision. In another statement on the The Premier League website, player SE Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall apologised for the teams withdrawal:

" As people might have seen, we just withdrew from StarLadder and I’m sorry to say we have to do the same with TPL. Hopefully this issue will be solved soon and we will be back on track, but meanwhile it’s best for everyone if we for now take a step back. Best of luck to all the teams participating! "

Sources: TPL, Moscow 5



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