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Cheer for your team - Riot adds new icons

By Philip 'tSoPAL' Leber
Oct 3, 2012 13:39

ImageDue to the upcoming "Season 2 World Championship" Riot has decided to integrate the emblems of the participating teams so that everybody can now show his colours.

Since the community support is what keeps e-Sports alive this is what really makes everything more intense. Thousands of people will watch the finals so why wouldn't you show your support for the team you want to win beforehand?

While everybody is awaiting some amazing games in the next days you can now go out and show all the people in the world (or maybe only in your queues) who is your favorite.

Many of the professional players think of the fans they have as one of their most precious goods and so is the other way around. Now is the best time to help your team when it needs you.
Show off who you want to win, because with this new feature and the finals coming there will never be a better time to do so! So don't waste any time, log in to your client and change your icon to show how proud you are to be a fan.

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