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GSL Round of 8

By Mat 'Clamev' L
Oct 3, 2012 08:03

ImageEveryone agrees; this is the best GSL Season yet. But who are the players who have fought their way through to the Round of 8? We are her to tell everything you need to know!

KRJung 'Rain' Yoon Jong vs. KRSong Hyun 'HerO' Deok

Ever since that extremely controversial article, a dark shadow has been looming over the Starcaraft 2 scene. It was claimed that once the “true” Monsters of the Starcraft Broodwar scene would switch over, they would destroy everybody and any foreigner pros that would be left would fade into nothingness as they would be crushed by the might of the likes of Flash Jaedong and Bisu. After all, most of the successful Korean player and many of the foreign ones have been ex Starcraft Broodwar players.

SKT Rains is one of the first of the KeSPA players invited into the GSL. And while his comrade Jaedong has been disappointingly been knocked out in the first round, he himself has shown more than impressive results. While his first group that he got out of maybe not that impressive with two wins against Byun, his second Group in the Ro16 has been shocking. Advancing in a Group with Taeja Polt and DongRauGu is no easy feat, but doing so undefeated is amazing. In his games he showcased not only mechanics on the highest level, but also a strategical knowledge of the game that seems quite a bit above of the average pro player.

His opponent will be Hero. He is symbolic for the generation 1, for the generation who did not really have any great success in Broodwar and switched right at the start of Wings of Liberty. He is also part of Teamliquid, a foreign team, which is contrary to the self contained Korean Broodwar scene. Hero is also known for showing a lot of emotions. This can be very positive as this ability to convey emotions has most certainly won him many fans. As we have seen though this can also hurt him a lot, as he seems to have huge problems getting his nerves and mindset right.


Controlling his emotions will become especially important in this match as it is PvP.
Predicting what these players might go for is very difficult, considering the match up, but we will probably see well thought out and stable builds from both players, with some cheese mixed in the Bo5. Hero definitely has it in him to beat Rain, but will he be able to keep himself under control? The answer to this question determines if Hero has a chance or not because even if he does Rain is still a fearsome opponent which is why I think he will advances over Hero.

KRJong Hyeon 'MVP' Jung vs. KRDong Hyun 'Symbol' Kang

MVP is the kind of player it is hard to write about, without writing all the things that have all been written about him. While one could argue that Taeja is doing his best to contest with MVP of being the best Terran in the world, MVP with all his GSL titles, of which Taeja has yet to win one, is still the terran king. Even with his health issues he managed to come all the way to the Round of 8 once again to prove once again that he is still the champion.


Symbol is the wild card in this Ro8. Last Season he looked almost too good to be true. His multitasking seemed superior to DongRaeGus, his build more well rounded than Nesteas and the sheer range of tactics used made all other Zerg players look uninspired and boring. The only one who was able to stop him was the eventual Codes S Champion Seed. After two long Series though he was able to defeat him in the Ro16.

This will probably be a very long series. Considering these two players and the current TvZ styles, we can expect some epic late game TvZ action with lots of action all over the map. Predicting a winner though is a little bit more difficult, but given the circumstances I think MVP will eventually advance, after a long exciting series.

The Round of 8 kicks off at 11:00 CEST, tune in to see the best GSL Season yet!



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