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Honor System implemented for League of Legends

By Teemu 'DMAM' S
Oct 1, 2012 23:51

ImageEarlier today Riot announced the new Honor system which has been now added into League of Legends. This system is expected to encourage the players to be more pleasant to each other and maybe this is exactly what the so-called 'toxic' community needs right now.

Finally it happened. Something that the League of Legends community has been asking for a long time now. An honor system which allows you to honor either your teammates or your opponents for a good behavior during the game, despite the outcome of the game.

Honoring will happen in the ending screen of each match-made game by clicking the small 'thumbs up' button right next to the summoner name of each player.

There are four different Honor categories: 'Helpful', 'Friendly',
'Teamwork' and for honoring your opponents 'Honorable opponent'.

Your gained Honor will be in your summoner profile for everyone to see as an overall.

The honor gained is shown like this right under your profile banner (Click to en-large)


Riot also states that

"players who spam or trade Honor will soon find themselves with nothing left in the bank to award. If you see players trading Honor, please report them using the “Spamming” report! Getting punished by the Tribunal for trading Honor or toxic behavior will reset a player’s Honor to zero across the board, however Honor can still be re-gained after the punishment has expired."

a picture to sum up how the new honor system works post-game (Click to en-large)


Source: Official post by Riot



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