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MYM returns to Dota 2

By Antonio 'tower' A
Oct 1, 2012 21:22

ImageMYM announced their comeback to Dota 2 competitive scene after they picked up the former "The Tough Bananas" team.

After a long time in the e-sport scene without Dota team , DEMeetYourMakers are officially back with a new roster after picking up DKThe Tough Bananas .MYM is one of the most known teams out there , since they had some legendary players and lineups under their name in the dota e-sport scene.

MYM will pick up the recent score that "The Tough Bananas" made in the Star Ladder Season 3 until now and they will continue to play under the regular schedule.

Official statement from the team captain Alexander 'CalculuS' Rathcke (C):
""I can talk for the entire team, when i say that we are really happy to be able to play under this prestigious esport tag. It feels great knowing you have such a great organisation behind you, and we are looking forward to see how far we can go. We will practise hard and do everything we can to live up to the name that we are now representing. Watch out for us! Thanks to Razer and Western Digital for the support!”"

Official statement from the team manager David 'DrunKin' Pella:
"”This is such a good feeling for being a part of MYM. After talking with the Management we were really fast on the same level. It was clear from both sides that we want each other. My team and I are really glad that MYM is giving us the chance for being a part of them. We wont disappoint them. I'm hoping for a bright and good future. Thanks to our newly won sponsors Razer and Western Digital. Please support us by joining #MYM.Dota @ Irc.quakenet.”"

Current MeetYourMakers Roster:
DK Alexander 'Calculus' Rathcke (Team Captain)
DK Andreas 'Balsam' Løchte
DK Sylvester 'LINK' Hoelgaard
DE Angelo 'THEneNo' Caula Gonzalez
DE Marcel 'Atze' Binz
DE Max qojqva' Broecker
DE David 'DrunKin' Pella (Team-Manager)

Source:MeetYourMakers Official Website



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