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Na´Vi skips DH Bucharest

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Oct 1, 2012 13:26

ImageAfter the recently second place in the TECHLABS Cup in Kiev, the top Ukrainian squadron, announced that they will drop their attendance to the Dreamhack's Romanian stop due to a busy schedule of some of the team's members.

The Ukrainian team Natus Vincere has announced that they will not attend the upcoming DreamHack Bucharest, that will take place between October 20th and 21st. As we already know, Na´Vi received the first invite to the tournament but now, was just known that the Ukrainian giants will skip the Romanian DreamHack's stop.

UA Yegor 'markeloff' Markelov's statement:
"We will get back from a promotional tour in Dubai on October 6 and then start a bootcamp before PGS. After that, everybody will go home and we will cancel our participation at DH Bucharest. There will be a 1.6 tournament and a side CS:GO competition in Bucharest, but there is a busy schedule, and ceh9 and I will not be at home for a month because of these trips."

The Ukrainian star also released a bunch of words concerning his thoughts on the new Valve's first-person shooter game, and if he is considering to follow the actual trend of making the transition to CS:GO.

"We have not decided anything about CS:GO yet. We will do it after the tournament in Portugal. I have not played it yet, but I have watched some videos. It is not an interesting game at all. It is not CS at all, just another game. Everything is different, and if I am to play this game, I should start doing it like from the beginning. I do not want it [to play CS:GO], but if I have no choice, I will have to. CS has been a job for me for a long time."

The DreamHack Bucharest organizers have not released further information about how the new free spot will be filled. It is worth recalling that now three slots are available and that 13 teams have been confirmed.




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