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White wins Areena #2

By Blaga 'blg-' Marius Madalin
Sep 30, 2012 16:31

ImageThe gather style tournament Areena #2 has finished in Helsinki yesterday with six teams who battled for cash money and hardward-products.

The Finnish tournament featured 30 players who have been chosen in six teams by former WinFakt players who were captains. The group stage had to be cut short and only featured two games per team. Playoffs started off with a best-of-one double elimination bracket.

In the grand final FI Aleski 'allu' Jalli's White team has managed to come out on top of Areena #2 after defeating FI Jirka 'JiGetus' Ryhti's Yellow team.

Final standings of Areena #2

1. FI White (allu, kevyt, rafte, STOVVE, zabaz) - 225€ + 5x ROCCAT Isku
2. FI Yellow (jigetus, EDMUND, Avator, RUMBLE, Wazakhaq) - 150€ + 5x ROCCAT Kulo
3. FI Green (dRiim, nRO, shaker, suNny, tOZ) - 75€ + 5x ROCCAT Savu
4. FI Black (aslak, coswell, daichi, Metaphor, ScurK, zarp)
5-6. FI Blue (lurppis, Kiss^, Kuppi, barrack, toNppa)
5-6. FI Red (naSu, jallu, ESsej, tomsku, Twista)

Beside prices all players received ESEA Premium accounts.




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