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Interview with WickyBG

By Valentin 'BetterBG' Georgiev
Sep 30, 2012 15:20

ImageWe have interviewed Stanislav 'WickyBG' Chakarov, one of the best FIFA players in the world. He has won ENC, EMS and many many other tournaments. Currently, he is playing for WesternWolves, an organization that has 3 of the best FIFA players in the world under their flag. Now, let's head to the interview.

Hello, Stanislav, you are one of the best and most successful players in the world of FIFA. Where has it all begun?

Hi, everything started 4 years ago, when I have started to take FIFA more seriously, until then I was just playing with friends for fun. It was almost an immediate success for me. In my first tournament I've finished on top of the online season in EPS Bulgaria, back then I've started to win many tournaments, which led to my long-term cooperation with LowLandLions( currently WesternWolves).

How do you feel about the development of the game and the players ? And where do Bulgarians stand on the world stage ?

The game is evolving with every year passing, especially now when the game is the same for all platforms ( PC, PS3, Xbox). That makes the competition even tougher, there are many TOP players. The good players in Bulgaria are a few, but are really top class. I think that me and my teammate Krasi have proved that we are world class. Let's not forget about people like Slavkov and Crazy_kon, they have retired from FIFA, but they have been winning on a regular basis on the world FIFA scene.

Last Year there was a problem with your permit, which was necessary for you to go to EA Challenge Series in New York. From our meetings on LAN events I've seen that you are never giving up and you are always ready for a challenge, so I assume that you will try to qualify for this year's edition of the tournament in Las Vegas. Right ?

Of course ! Last year I have qualified for the New York tournament, but I got rejected on my interview for a permit. The reason was that I'm too young and I'm a potential emigrant. I was deeply disappointed, but i haven't lost my hope and I'll go to an interview again. And if there aren't any troubles I'll go to Las Vegas in February to fight for the 150 000$.

What do you think about the changes made in FIFA 13 ? There are some opinions, that the game requires less skill now. Do you agree with that ?

I've got the game 2 days ago and I have played lots of matches with my teammates ( they are some of the best players in the world) - Ovvy and Krasi. I think that it's too early to make some general conclusions, but for now I think that the slow(timeplaying) style of some players won't be working anymore, because the game is a lot faster. Other of the major differences is the First Touch Control, that's the first thing you will notice when you play the game. If any of the players is not skilled enough, he WILL have trouble with controlling the ball. The other thing most of the top players don't like is the crosses, they are simply not as effective as they were. But as I said it's too early for some general conclusions about the game.

Do you have any professional goals for the new edition of our favorite game ?

Yes. I want to participate in every major offline tournament - Las Vegas, FIWC, ESWC, WCG. I'll do anything that is my powers to be there. And if that happens I'll chase the 1st place in all of them, but thats why all of the top players are there, so it will be tough.

Is it going to be Real Madrid vs Real Madrid again ? Any chance for you to play Chelsea, like you, and many others, did in FIFA 11 ?

I think that it's too early to decide that, but for Brazil, Barca and Real Madrid are the teams that catch your eye. Although we have to wait for the winter transfers update, because often they are the major factor in the decision to change your team. I think that Chelsea won't be very popular on the top level, because their defence is pretty slow and clearly Drogba (complete beast in the 11) isn't there. I think that in this year's game the quickness, the pace and the control of the ball will be the major factors in picking a team.

I've been wondering, have you played against Bruce 'Spank' Grannec, the newest member of the SK FIFA team, who has won FIWC Champion of Champions Trophy, just a few days ago.

The interesting thing is that I've never met him. There was a possibility for me to meet him online in one of the begosu tournaments, but we were seeded in different groups. And I couldn't face him on the PC, cause he isn't playing on it online. I'm keen to face him and I'm sure that we will play offline very soon. Many players have told me that he is one of the really best players in the world and even though I haven't met him in a game he has earned my respect.

Any last words for the SK fans?

I hope that the people will like that interview and will find it interesting. I wish SK as an organization luck and success. And I'm pleased that there was an interest for an interview with me from the biggest gaming organization in the world.




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