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Bruce answers Q&A

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Sep 30, 2012 09:56

ImageJust some days ago, we gave you the chance to ask SK Gaming's FIFA Pro Bruce Grannec the questions you want. Today, he answers all the questions you have given him in the news comments.

1. What was the biggest/first difference you noticed between the 12 and 13 version ?

Well, the biggest difference is obviously first touch control that adds a real part of unpredictability to the game! It creates a lot more separation between the ball and the player and now you have to think more like a footballer. Like with experience, you can read the attackers first touch and try to anticipate it. You can't also keep running when receipting a ball or you'll more likely give it back to your opponent. That's a massive change from FIFA12!

2. Which is your favourite team in FIFA? Is it still the Real vs. Chelsea battle?

On FIFA 12, you had to play with Real Madrid due to Ronaldo who was clearly overrated compared to others players. On FIFA 13, he has been a bit downgraded, but Real Madrid is still the best team of the game with Brazil. This national squad is absolutely impressive this year. I'll give a coin to Barça & Manchester City as well, altough they look like a bit under.

3. What was your favourite event you have played so far?

I've played a lot of tournaments in 8 years, but I must admit that I'll always remember a tournament in Indonesia in 2007. I was on PES and a kind of local guru asked us to come with some others players to play a Master tournament there. He knew like everybody there, giving a kiss to all the customs officers when we arrived and it was like this for 3 days (Laughs). It was sick and I'm still laughing about it when thinking of it sometimes.

4. Are you still a PES beast ? :D

I don't play PES at all anymore. Not even the demos. All I have is a souvenir and it's ok like that. ;-)

5. What do you think about the 1st touch control and the new attacking AI ?

As I already said everything about first touch control, I could say a word about the new attacking AI. It was a real defect in previous FIFA, because most of the time your strikers were offside. EA Sports really worked on this point for FIFA13 and now they are often aligned with the defence. That's a really great improvement !

6. What is the major difference in career mode that will draw players in?

I didn't had time to play it that much but International management and Europe first season were really awaited by career mode lovers and it's a real step forward.

7. Do you play ps3 or xbox or pc? where you pracc? random internet games or partner? what tournaments you will attend?

I mainly play on PS3, but I switch to XBOX360 or PC when needed for competitions who are on this support. I practice at home with my sparring partner, Brak. I think that we've played over 1000 games together already and he simply knows me perfectly. So if I want to score him a goal, I have to find some solutions everytime I've never used before. That's why I think I keep improving after so many years at the top.

Make sure you like Bruce' Facebook Fanpage and also support him on Twitter. There are big things to come.



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