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DotA v6.75 released

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Sep 30, 2012 09:01

ImageThe long-awaited update to DotA has been released by IceFrog. In this massive update, several changes have been made to the core gameplay functions of Dota, in addition to two new heroes.

Dota has received a massive update with the version of 6.75. This marks the first update in over six months in which new content has been added to the Dota franchise, as all the developments with the game have taken place with Dota 2, with hero ports and user accessibility improvements. With DotA 6.75 however, we have been given a myriad of new features and updates. Amongst these new features are two new Scourge/Dire heroes- a new agility hero, Zet, the Arc Warden and a new intelligence hero, Auroth, the Winter Wyvern.

In addition to the new heroes, there are several other important elements that have been added or changed. Roshan, for instance, will turn at an increased rate and Aegis of the Immortal will only last for six minutes, while his respawn time remains the same. In regards to Roshan, however, he will not have his location changed as was implied by the leaked beta version of the map.

Of the heroes, Phoenix, Pit Lord and Terrorblade have been arguably reworked to the greatest extent; three out of four of their respective abilities have been reworked, in addition to the balance tweaks made. A new item, Shadow Amulet, has been added as well. This item provides an additional thirty attack speed and when activated, causes the hero to become invisible, so long as they are immobile.

Judging by past updates, the new features of 6.75 will likely be ported to Dota 2 within the week. For the full changelog and map download, visit



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