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TL Attack is back again

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Sep 29, 2012 00:23

ImageThere has not been much information about the TL Attack events in the past but today there has been a new post in the Team Liquid forum announcing the first new episode of the format that will enable the community to get to know some of the professional gamers.

A stop of episodes was necessary as the people behind TL Attack wanted to read through the feedback and try to improve it so that the users like it even more. Now TL Attack is back and will be hosted every Wednesday at 9pm CEST, starting October 3. Feedback from the users figured out that Wednesday was the best to do it, the forum post says, and the evening will be a good time as there will not be any trouble with other Starcraft II events. VODs of every episode will be coming soon after the episode is over.

TL Attack is a fun event where a professional gamer plays 1vs1's against regular people from the community using fun tactics or create new tactics. While that happens the guest of each episode shares information about his person with the hosts and all the people who are tuning in.

As some people complained about the former hosts, TL has changed and replaced them with US Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson and PE Paulo 'CatZ' Vizcarra. They won't overshadow guests and will let them talk instead of talking too much themselves, as the TL forum post says. As a matter of fact iNcontroL gained a lot of sympathy and most people among the community like him a lot, especially because of his casting and commentating skills.

The first guest of the show will be TL's own US Shawn 'Sheth' Simon who is well known to the community as one of the most friendly guys in the scene. There will be some Heart of the Swarm action but also Wings of Liberty will be played. Additionally everyone who tunes in will get to know a lot about Sheth as TL Attack is the best way to get to know your favourite and see what he is like.

Anyone can apply to play against Sheth and see how good he really is. All you got to do is create a cheerful, post it here and leave your ID as well. As already said the first episode will be broadcasted next Wednesday, October 3rd, starting at 9pm CEST. If you want to watch older TL Attack episodes you should check out the Team Liquid YouTube Channel.

Source: Team Liquid



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