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Salce set to join team Curse as a sub

By Joe 'YouGoJoe23' Staller
Sep 28, 2012 21:48

ImageThe ex-Epik Gamer and later ex-TSM.Evo mid-laner Salce is poised to join Curse.NA as a dedicated substitute in the upcoming Season 3

Rumours have abounded about US Trevor 'Salce' Salce possibly joining US Team Curse Academy due to his recent performances in online tournaments. US Jon 'Westrice' Nguyen was seen occasionally playing support while Salce stretched his top-laner muscles. The official statement says that everyone who is on the team is staying, and in their respective roles. Salce is a dedicated sub, which as he says "applies pressure to the starters on the roster if they don't perform".

If it any time the team's manager Liquid112 believes having Salce in place of another member, that could be arranged quickly, and more importantly, well within tournament rules from Riot. In his own words:

"I will continue to develop the members of the team to their full potential (analyzing their performances, instructing relevant skills and providing encouragement) and the starters and non-starters on the team may change at any time I feel it is for the betterment of the team. "

You can check out ReignofGaming for the official story and to ask Liquid112 any questions as he stated he will be answering them for a short while.

Lose Regionals because top lane under performs? Better bench Elementz.



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