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Axiom ESports rises

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Sep 27, 2012 23:04

ImageA new pro gaming team in Starcraft II has been founded by TotalBiscuit who is well known in the scene. So far there is not much information at all.

At least it is known, that John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain founded Axiom ESports with his wife Genna Bain and the well known caster and former player Husky. There are not many sponsors and for the moment TotalBiscuit and Husky will be the only sponsors for the team which will be controlled by Genna Bain mostly.

The first and, so far only player in the lineup will be KR Choi 'CranK' Jae Won who has been playing for SK Telecom 1 in Brood Ward but had no sponsor or team in Starcraft II until now. More players could be added to the linup but for now it's only Crank.

Some of the events he will be attending are gonna be pretty soon. He is gonna play at the MvP Invitational at the MLG event in Dallas and IPL 5. As already mentioned TotalBiscuit and his wife want to recruit more Korean players to support the scene and offer them something different.

A website is under construction and all the information about the team can be found on twitter so far.

TotalBiscuit about his new team and first new player

"Thanks for the support folks, it's heartening.
You will be seeing CranK at the following events.
MLG vs Proleague (CranK was a former STX and SKT Brood War player so this is the perfect tournament for him)
MLG Dallas - We'll be flying him out for this
IPL 5 - CranK qualified for this event in Vegas so you'll be seeing him there too.
And perhaps a couple of other unannounced events..."

Genna Bain gives a prospect to the future and possible lineup additions

"We are currently working on identifying potential sponsorship avenues. There are a lot of people wanting to speak to us on the matter, thus we felt comfortable with making the announcement. As of right now, we are pleased to have CranK as our first member of the team. We will be adding to the roster as things progress. I won't really commit to saying that the team will be 100% Korean but I would like the team to serve both TB and my hopes of bettering the state of eSports in Korea. At present many Korean SC2 players do not actually receive a salary or receive a small salary that does not really support a stable career."

Source: Team Liquid Forum



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