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Thor Open announced with $18.800 for GO

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Sep 27, 2012 20:26

ImageAnother tournament was just announced. The Thor Open will feature seven official games with a total prize pool of $, with $18.800 going for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. revealed the qualifier dates as well as the prizes distribution for the even that will take place in December.

The Swedish website just announced that they will be hosting a big tournament, that will include a total of seven game titles: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DotA 2, StarCraft II, League of Legends, FIFA 13, Super Street Fighter, and Battlefield 3. The revealed total prize pool goes up to $87.000, with $18.800 going to the latest Valve's first-person shooter game.

Thor Open CS:GO tournament prize distribution:
1st.- $15.265
2nd.- $3.050
3rd.- $1.525

A total of 64 teams will take part of each one of the eight qualifiers that will be played in October and November, except for the third on November that has not been confirmed yet. The top team of each of those qualifiers will directly get a passport to the LAN Finals.

Dates of the qualifiers:
1. 6/10 – 64 teams
2. 13/10 – 64 teams
3. 20/10 – 64 teams
4. 27/10 – 64 teams

5. 2/11 – 64 teams
6. 17/11 – 64 teams
7. 22-25/11 – (Amount of participating teams not confirmed)
8. 1/12 – 64 teams

The registration for the qualifiers are already open. You can sign-up here. The Thor Open LAN finals will take place at Kistamässan in Kista, Stockholm kicking-off in December 8th.

More information of the qualifiers for the other disciplines can be found in the following link.



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