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Dota 2 Update : Bug Fixes.

By Antonio 'tower' A
Sep 27, 2012 14:27

ImageThis weeks update is bringing in some regular and basic bug fixes as some visual things aswell.

Valve announced that they are saving some big content for the next weeks update. Despite of revealing the bug fixes, Valve updated some visual fixes for the skill icons for some of the heroes like: Pudge , Leshrac and Morphling.

Here is the full patchlog for this week update:
- Fixed Illuminate going 400 further than intended.
- Fixed Psi Blades being slightly too wide in its spill.

- Fixed range cursor always using the player's main hero instead of the currently casting unit.
- Fixed bug where connecting during CM pick stage resulted in a broken pick/ban view.
- Added control groups 7, 8, 9, and 10.
- Enabled equipped Pennants showing up in your base.

- Updated Morphling icons.
- Added missing strings for the new control groups.
- Fixed the bug where sometimes multi-selected Meepos wouldn't sort in the same order as they were listed on the HUD.
- Fixed bug with Meepo and Blade Mail (aka Meepo Shotgun).
- Fixed killing a clone when Meepo prime had Aegis resulting in gold loss and a scoreboard death.

- Added custom sounds when Tiny has an ultimate scepter equipped and is attacking with a tree.

- Added Luna bot.
- Added Dazzle bot.
- Only use suggested heroes if we have bot implementations for them.
- Lich bot will now use Frost Nova when laning to harass, if he has plenty of mana.
- Fixed bug that would cause Viper to use Poision Attack on creeps when laning.
- Bots will now sell TP scrolls if they need the inventory space to buy an item from the Secret Shop.
- Made Bane bot less likely to use abilities when doing a mild retreat.
- Fixed Razor's Plasma Field usage in-lane which was just completely broken. He should spam it less now.
- Tiny will now Avalanche at a slightly further distance when trying to do his combo.
- Windrunner will try to Shackleshot when retreating less now, and only when Windrun isn't active.
- Bots will no longer want to do Roshan when they aren't sufficiently tanky.
- When buying TP scrolls, bots will now try to purchase two of them since they tend to run around without any too often
- Fixed bug where bots wouldn't lower their farm desire when they reached enough money to make a big purchase, resulting in them farming forever.
- Fixed bug in Armlet toggling.
- Fixed bug that was causing bots to use Mekansm when no one needed healing.
- Fixed bug that was causing bots to incorrectly extrapolate movement positions (breaking abilities that need to lead their targets like Torrent or Light Strike Array).


Source: Dota 2 Development Forums



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