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Riot presents: Visual upgrades on Soraka!

By Krasimir 'fmde' Kolev
Sep 26, 2012 23:05

ImageThe time has come and our favorite Starchild, one of the League's oldest champions is getting an overhaul for her default model, skins, abilities and voice!

Continuing their tradition to improve older champions, Riot announced that the stars have aligned and Soraka will soon be receiving a massive visual upgrade. Her classic look and skins will feature all-new models with revamped animations, visual effects and VO along with stunning splash art to introduce you to her new look.


To accompany Soraka’s upgraded look in the upcoming patch, Riot created a Champion Spotlight featuring her new model, effects, and animations. Whether you’re a Soraka veteran or new to her gameplay, check out the video to learn more about the Starchild.


Leave us a comment below with your opinion about the rework! Do you like it? What will you miss from the old model? Will you feel nostalgic about not being able to throw "bananas" at people anymore? Do you think her new default skin has an "Avatar" feel to it?

Source - League of Legends



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