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Azubu Collegiate Championship announced

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Sep 26, 2012 21:24

ImageAzubu and the Colleagiate Stars League (CSL) have announced a partnership to host the Azubu Collegiate Championship which will give students from universities the chance to win money from a $ 182.000 price pool.

Both parties are well known among the gaming scene and have agreed to work with each other to create something that has not been seen so far: a league for students from all over the world.

In contrast to earlier tournaments all students from all universities around the world will be able to participate. The tournament will be held in Starcraft II and League of Legends. Each winner university can get $ 40000 from a price pool that is filled with $ 182.000 overall.

Every student from each university in the world can participate if he can find other students to form a team with him or her. Students will have to be able to prove that they are students at a certain university but besides that there are no barriers and there are no registration fees either. The registration will be starting on October 2 and the first games will start on November 1. While the regular season is running in November and December and matches will be played on Saturdays and Sundays, the playoffs will feature only one match per week in late December and January.

The final four teams - two from North America, one from Europe and one from Korea, will be invited to Southern California to play the grand finals at a live stage. The Starcraft II tournament will be held in a format which is mostly known from other team leagues. Three one 1vs1 matches, one 2vs2 match and if needed one ace match will be played while the season is going on. The playoffs will feature even more matches as five 1vs1 matches, one 2vs2 match and if needed one ace match will have to be played. But there will be no costs for the teams at all as the two organisations will pay for travelling and everything else as well.

Price money distribution

1st place: $ 40.000
2nd place: $ 20.000
3rd place: $ 10.000
4th place: $ 5.000
5th - 8th place: $ 1.000
9th - 16th place: $ 500

Both parties were very happy that they could work a way out to work together and both organisations wrote a statement about their new project.

Kevin Kwon, Global eSports Manager from Azubu, is looking forward to focus on more than just that league:

"Here at Azubu, we are pleased to host the biggest collegiate league ever in the history of e-sports with the CSL. This is our first step into the collegiate league and we are very excited about the event. Our aim is to create a global collegiate association, called the GeCA (Global e-Sports Collegiate Association). We will not only focus on the professional leagues, but will also care for the amateurs as well, so that Azubu can become the soil for young potential gamers to grow. Some organizations believe that gaming can only bring harm to the users, but Azubu will show the good side of gaming and what games can do to help people; to that end, Azubu and the CSL have even more exciting events in store which will be announced in the near future."

The CSL Collective statement is underlining that both companies are really happy to get a project like that up and running:

"We are very happy to be embarking on the next leg of our journey together with Azubu. We believe that this partnership will take us where we want to go, and allow us to support our community the way it deserves to be supported. We're looking forward to many amazing years and can't wait to begin the league and see which schools will rise to the top."




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