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Absolute Legends welcome a new Dota 2 team

By Dean 'denik' Nikolov
Sep 25, 2012 22:06

ImageThe organization signs with the formerly known Team Y - a new squad formed after The International 2.

Only two weeks have passed since Absolute Legends dropped their previous Dota 2 team - the Australians of AU Natural 9 , who were playing under the aL tag for more than half a year. Following the little success and the unsatisfactory results of the squad during that time, the organization quickly coped with the problem by signing a new Dota 2 team.

EU Team Y emerged in the scene last week, when the Star Series season 3 line-ups were revealed. Although they hadn't played a single match, they were acquired by Absolute Legends with a small roster change. RU Igor 'Admiration' Kalnysh left the team and was replaced by the legendary Meet Your Makers player and former SK-Gaming player for a brief period of time - DK Brian 'MaNia' Strandby.

ComeWithMe, Freezer, Vigoss, God, MaNia

Here are the statements from the organization and some of the players:

Absolute Legends:
"We recently dropped our Australian team N9, which we have had over for around eight months. Some people questioned if that move had to do with Riot and we'd like to officially state that it had nothing to do with our League of Legends sector whatsoever. In fact, with this new team we will be investing more than double the resources we invested in Dota 2 before.

With our organization being European we hoped to return to our roots with this new star-studded squad that will look to compete all the way to the top.

Welcome the new aL.Dota2 squad which will make its debut in Star Ladder Starseries Season 3 this week.

We have picked up a team that was briefly known as 'Team Y' but due to some differences in long-term goals, Admiration will not be part of this squad. Instead of rushing to pick up a fifth player that might not fit perfectly with this aggressive squad the team has decided to take their time in the search, as they currently have a few options for replacements but they are yet to pick one of them. We have faith in those four players and we trust the choice they will make and the time needed to make such choice, we believe this team could make all the way to the top with our long-term goal being The International 3."

"Hello everyone, I'm really glad that we and Absolute Legends came to an agreement, i've been planning to make a new team for about two months now since we know for a long while that our team would disband (mouz) or make some roster changes but we wanted to wait for TI2 to be done before anything.

This team is based on friendship and individual skills put together which should only bring us good! I know people might worry about our stability but when we decided to build this team, we did it because we were all on the same page and we plan on playing together for at least a year, let's hope for the best! Big shoutout and thanks to aL for supporting us in every way we need and especially to twiSta for helping us come to this agreement and find it in the first place along with all our supporters who trust and have faith in us."

"I am tiger and I am happy that I am joining aL and will play with this team. Thanks to aL, you will see some tiger's streams soon cause they will provide me with decent pc."

"I was actually planning to retire entirely from the competetive scene, but after watching International 2, I have started to play some pub again. I think that everyone who plays DotA2 knows how addictive it is when you first start killing some pubs :P So here I am again!

I have no real idea how I ended in the squad, since I´m sure that most people would think that I wont really fit into the russian/romanian gaming community, but I've been a big believer in trying new things, so I am now 100% committed to this team and I really want to help the team grow and learn from all these super talented and experienced players.

I hope my previous fans(if I still have some out there :P ) will keep supporting me and now also my new teammates. Shoutout to aL for being amazing people, and I will look forward to work with them as well."

The new Absolute Legends have already made their debut tonight, beating KZ in the Star Series season 3.

Absolute Legends
MaNia joins aL



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