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hiGhrollers beat Team X to win Go for SteelSeries

By Blaga 'blg-' Marius Madalin
Sep 25, 2012 20:13

ImagehiGhrollers have managed to come out on top of Go for SteelSeries online tournament after defeating Team X in the grand finals 2-1 (12-16, 16-5, 16-13).

Two days of online tournament have passed, with the Sweden team called hiGhrollers winning the first place prize - SteelSeries products worth over €1,000.

The Swedish tournament featured a total of 32 teams from Sweden and Norway, including some 1.6 stars, like SE Andre 'BARBARR' Möller or BA Faruk 'pita' Pita who played for Absolute Legends and Team X respectively .

In the grand final, Team X who also have Counter-Strike: Source star SE Alexander 'rdl' Redl in their line-up, won de_train_se 16-12, but then dropped the pace on de_nuke_ve and de_inferno_se, losing both maps 16-5 and 16-13, respectively.

Final standings of Go for SteelSeries
1. SE hiGhrollers (tinka, hoddi, denwin, flwster, roqqan) - 5x Kana, 5x 6G v2, 5x Siberia v2, 5x QcK
2. SE Team X (pronax, lidde, zneel, pita, rdl) - 5x Kana, 5x Siberia v2, 5x QcK
3. SE ROCKSTAR(CEM, Vipen, ptk, mugg, GAME) - 5x Kana, 5x QcK
4. SE Absolute Legends (dennis, rape, emilio, dalito, BARBARR) - 5x QcK

The VOD from grand final match is now online. Anyone curious to see? Click here.




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