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ESWC qualifiers registration deadline confirmed

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Sep 24, 2012 21:03

ImageThe organization of the ESWC qualifiers in the UK, Germany and Nordic area, announced that the registration period in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive discipline will end this upcoming Saturday, September 29th.

The deadline for the sign-up in the ESWC qualifiers has been confirmed today. All the teams from the UK, Germany and Nordic region that want to have the opportunity to play the qualifier stage can confirm their participation until this upcoming Saturday 29th. As we previously reported, those qualifiers will be hosted by ESEA and will be held online.

A bunch of teams already confirmed their participation in the online stage. The recently champions of the DreamHack Valencia SE Ninjas in Pyjamas are signed-up to participate in the qualifier stage. Also DK Blight Gaming , FI CARAMBA and GIVE IT ALL are confirmed to take part in the battle for a slot in the Electronic Sports World Cup.

A few teams are confirmed for the German and the United Kingdom qualifiers, an we will see some very well known squadrons in the online battle for the ESWC passports.

Signed-up teams:
UK United Kigdom qualifier:
Sympho Nympho
Team CRG

DE Germany qualifier:

As we previously mentioned, the sign-up period will hit its end this Saturday 29th. It is worth recalling that ESEA Premium account its required to take part of the qualifiers. The CS:GO battles are scheduled to start in October 1st. and of course we will bring you full coverage of the action.




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