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Copenhagen Wolves drops Dota 2 squad.

By Antonio 'tower' A
Sep 24, 2012 19:19

ImageCopenhagen Wolves announced the disbands for their DotA 2 squad. Bringing in some new players that hopefully will put them higher in the competitive DotA 2 while using their old name.

Many of the teams after The International 2 announced roster changes and disbands. After 3 months of being sponsored DK Copenhagen Wolves has parted ways with the DotA 2 squad. The team took place in a few big events like StarLader Season 2 and Season 3. Apparently, the players had different opinions about the team and that's the main reason about the disband of the team. Despite of that the team will be playing under their old name The Tough Bananas in the mean time.

Official statement from their Team Manager David 'Drunkin' Pella:
"We had a great time in Wolves but we had a difference in our future goals and that's why we decided to part our ways here, I wish Wolves the best of luck with their future plans and goals. A big thank you to SteelSeries for the good support.”"

Official statement from Chief Executive Officer Jakob "JLK" Kristensen:
""It is with great sadness that we today say goodbye to the our DOTA2 division. Despite the roster issues leading up to the WCG Samsung Euroean Encounter, our guys managed to take home a silver medal, beating some great teams on their path. These guys have been a joy to work with and if they decide to stay together for the future I am convinced they will achieve great things!""

They decided to make a few changes in their team after SE Gustav 'S4' Magnusson leaving the team. They hired DK Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg and DK Christoffer Borregaard 'Ryze' Winther to play for them while Star Season 3 is up. The team didn't publish whether they will permanently play together or not.

Current "The Tough Bananas" Roster:
DK Alexander 'Calculus' Rathcke (C)
DK Andreas 'Balsam' Løchte
DK Christoffer 'Ryze' Winther
DK Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg
DE Angelo 'THEneNo-' Caula Gonzale

Copenhagen Wolves



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