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NiP beat VeryGames in DH Valencia final

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Sep 23, 2012 18:22

ImageThe French squadron was not able to stop the flawless way of the Ninjas in Pyjamas that managed to win the DreamHack Valencia title in two straight maps. With the victory, the Sweden secure the champion prize and a slot in the Dreamhack Winter CS:GO tournament.

The grand final was played, and as many people expected, the french squadron Team VERYGAMES did not manage to stop the winning streak that SE Ninjas in Pyjamas started on the group stage. For sure, this match will keep on our minds as one of the first big battles held on the brand new Valve's game.

The best-of-three action started at de_nuke_ve where the swedes took an early advantage as they get the five first rounds and kept the dominance for the rest of the half to allow VeryGames only to get 3 rounds. After the side switch everything seemed to be in favor of NiP but the french troop aplied good strategy to score a bunch of rounds in a row. The efforts of BE Kévin 'Ex6TenZ' Droolans's team were not enough to make the comeback possible and the map ended with a 16-10 score for the Nordics.

The battle continued at de_train_se. In this map, the french team showed impressive teamplay as well as a great use of the AWP. At the beginning everything seemed to be in favor of the swedes, that scored the three first rounds in a row. Was then when VG applied their skills to use the scoped rifle to go ahead in the scoreboard 5-3. The half ended after a round trade from both sides, with a 8-7 score for VeryGames.

After the side change, NiP managed to get the vital pistol round. Another round trade was seen between the trains, but was NiP who finally achieved the advantage to close the map with a 16-12 overall score. With the second map secured, the Swedish stars won the Dreamhack title, the prize money and also a slot in the winter stop of the Dreamhack tournament schedule.

DreamHack Valencia standings:
1st. SE NiP - $3.250 + slot for DreamHack Winter
2nd. FR VeryGames - $1.625
3rd.-4th. ES x6tence - $810
3rd-4th. PT k1ck - $810



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