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Candy Panda and Dax released from Mousesports

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Sep 23, 2012 17:06

ImageAfter a couple of months Mouz decided to remove their bot-lane players from the roster.

A lot of drama is associated to Candy Panda, especially when it's about someone leaving a team. Dedrayon and him decided to switch to Mousesports after they left SK and seemed to be happy and successful. However appearances are often deceptive. Yesterday Moma released a statement on Reddit about them not playing with Candy Panda and Dax anymore. The main reason for this decision was Candy Panda's lacking focus on the game and the team. This is a known problem, as some former SK members (Snoopeh, Wickd) 'confirmed' that he really goofed off his mates with his attitude.

MoMa's statement about the line-up change:
"Btw if you are wondering how our team looks atm i want to give you a short information:
dax and Candy Panda were removed from the Squad, Candy Panda simply didnt focus enough on the game and played really unstable. We are playing with Prothana/Arthana as AD now , wow hes so good, i didnt know this
For Toplane we are trying out Jwaow for some time now hes really good aswell and as Support we Play with Akamezz atm.
More updates in the next weeks!"

There was no official statement from Mousesports yet, but Moma made his point clear.

We wish Candy Panda and Dax best of luck in the future and hope they find a new team.

Lastly, we wish Mousesports luck at completing their line-up again.



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