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SK Gaming finish 5th at Dreamhack Valencia

By Patrick 'Pad93' Strack
Sep 22, 2012 10:49

ImageThe next big tournament will be held up this weekend in Valencia with Dreamhack expanding to Spain. In attendance, they are the defending European Champions of SK Gaming Dominance.

Dreamhack hosted a lot of big tournaments in the past and is known for their great visually intensive spectacles viewed by hundreds of thousands of people across the world. The best teams in the world will show their skills in games like CS 1.6, League of Legends, Bloodline Champions, but also Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, which is being played on the Xbox 360.

SK.Dominance around EN Scott 'Mak' Brass, EN Tobi 'Tobi' Foster, EN Ellis 'Blackk' Strouthos and EN Jordan 'vapeZ' Haydney arrived in Valencia yesterday. The team is going to play the MW3 tournament today, which will start in a few hours. If you have no chance to watch the games live or via stream, you can follow our live coverage, which we will update continuously.

Day 1: 10:50

The team arrived at the event and check out the big gaming area. In around 40 minutes, at 11:30 GMT the teams will compete in their first matches. The hoster of the event released the tournament bracket and SK Gaming got a free win and will face the winner of the match ES DN-Gaming and ES Skulls E-Sport Clubs. Stay tuned!

Day 1: 13:00

While the guys are chilling in the V.I.P Lounge and waiting for their first match, DN-Gaming faced Skulls e-Sports. DN-Gaming won the game confident with 2:0 and didn't give any map away, so they will now face SK Gaming in the round of the last 16 teams.

Day 1: 17:14

After a long delay, SK finally faced "DN-Gaming". They won all three maps confident and therewith the match overall with 3:0. Also Prophecy managed to win their game with 3:0. Next match up on stream will be "Pain Gaming" vs. "Karont3 e-Sports" and "apeX" will face "Cerberus". "SK Gaming" has to play against the winner of the match between "Time to win" and "Blooded Clouds"

Day 1: 19:34

SK Gaming is still in the quarter-final and the next opponent will be Blooded Clouds, who won their match against "Time to win" with 3:1. Also x6tence went into the quarter-final as well as Prophecy, Dimegio and Over. We can not really say when SK Gaming will play the next match, because the organisation of this tournament isn't really good. We will inform you as soon as we know something, so stay tuned !

Day 2: 9:34

Day 1 ended not very good for our guys. After a long delay, SK had to play the quarter-finals against "Blooded Clouds", which they lost with 3:1. On the first map, SK played very strong and captured easy 5 flags. On S&D, it was a close game but "Blooded Clouds" had the better strategy and won the map with 4:2. Again CTF was on the plan and again SK played not very good and went down with 2:1 in maps. The last map was S&D Lockdown, one of the strongest SK maps, but again "Blooded Clouds" had the better strategy and kicked SK Gaming into the looser bracket, where they will face "Cerberus Club" in a few hours.

Day 2: 10:34

The first game of the day will be SK vs. "Cerberus Club" and this will be streamed live. If you want to watch this match check out the English Stream or the Spanish Stream.

Day 2: 14:31

SK Gaming won their match against "Cerberus Club" in a very close match with 3:2. Again SK seemed to be not very concentrated and played the S&D matches not very good. But in the end SK kept cool and took all 3 CTF round at home. After this match SK Gaming had to face the guys from "x6tence", which are also well known for their CS:GO team.

Day 2: 15:10

SK.Dominance faced "x6tence" in LB round 5 and in a very close game managed SK Gaming to win the match 3-2. Every map was so close that both teams could of have won the first four maps. Last map and mode was Capture the Flag on Arkaden where "x6tence" captured their last flag 3 secs. before the game ended. In the stopwatch overtime showed SK.Dominance everyone that they're one of the best teams in Europe and won the overtime.

Day 2: 16:17

SK Gaming faced "Prophecy" in the loser-bracket round 6. The game started good for "Prophecy" and they won the map with 3:1. The second map was S&D on Seatown, which SK won after a 2:3 deficit with 4:3, in maps 1:1 overall. The third round was CTF again, which was very close. "Prophecy" took a flag and only seconds after that "SK Gaming" beat back with capturing an other flag. After a 2:2 and only 30sek left on the clock, "Prophecy" took another flag and therewith the map. On the next S&D map, "SK Gaming" was without any chance and lost the map with 0:4. "Prophecy" defeat "SK Gaming" with 3:1 overall and will now go on their way throw the loser-bracket, while "SK Gaming" is out of the tourney and will play their placement match for 5th/6th place in around 1 hour.

Day 2: Recap

Thanks to all for following the live-coverage. With the 5 place, it was one of the worst tourneys the team ever played. They did not seem to be very concentrated the whole tourney and did a lot of mistakes, which they normally not do. In around 3 weeks the EGL 8 will take place and SK has to do a lot, if they want to reach a better placement next time !


Spanish Stream
English Stream
Tournament bracket

SK Gaming before their game against "Prophecy"

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