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PGS Exponor: Exotic replaces kerchNET

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Sep 22, 2012 10:03

ImageThe Ukrainian team kerchNET announced that they will not be attending the ProGamerSeries Exponor event that will be held the next month. The organization behind the tournament picked up Exotic as replacement.

One of the first teams that confirmed their presentation at the ProGamerSeries Exponor Counter-strike 1.6 event, UA KerchNET has now announced that they will not travel to the Portuguese capital city to attend the tournament. The last official presentation of the Ukrainian troop was three weeks ago when they managed to come on top at the ASUS Summer Cup.

KerchNET in-game leader UA Andrew 'B1ad3' Gordenskiy stated:
"We want to announce that our team will not attend PGS event due to some financial issues.

It is a big blow for our team, since we had huge expectations for this tournament."

With the confirmation of kerchNET dropping their attendance, the organization behind the tournament quickly announced that the replacement to fill the free slot will be taken for a local team, [TEAM:]. The Portuguese squadron managed to reach the quarter-finals stage in the's qualifier #1 for the Dreamhack Bucharest.

Exotic has the following lineup:
PT Tiago "dzt" Gonçalves
PT Diogo "Ririo" Aguiar
PT João "ehz" Monteiro
PT João "KillDream" Ferreira
PT Rui "SHOUW" Reis

PGS attendants team's list so far:
PT exotic
FR WebOne
EU Karont3
DK fnatic
DK Anexis
UA Na'Vi

The Pro Gamer Series Exponor will take place between October 11th and 14th, in the Portuguese capital city, Porto and will feature a $11.162 prize money for the champion team.




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