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Delayed day at DreamHack Valencia

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Sep 22, 2012 01:53

ImageThe first day of competition on the Spanish arena just ended in a delusional way. After some hours of delay only two matches of the group A were played and all the rest of the action was suspended and will be completed tomorrow.

The day did not start as it was expected. From the beginning the players started to complain about the computers on which they had to start their way in the tournament. The main problem at this point was that the PC's had on-board graphics that barely reached the minimum performance requirements to play the game.

Afterwards, the organizers of the event decided to start loading the computers with better graphic cards. Believe or not, the discussions did not end with the new graphics. The members of ES x6tence and ES bemyfRAG started to complain again, now because of the monitors that they were using had a lower performance rating compared with those assigned to SE Ninjas in Pyjamas and ES 34united . The teams in conflict then decided to not play in those conditions, forcing the organization to change the match schedule.

The Ninjas and 34United were in charge of the opening of the action. As it was expected no surprises were seen in this match. NiP started to dominate their rivals from the first pistol round on the Terrorist side, and winning the next four rounds before 34United managed to get their first round. The rest of the half was more of the same as SE Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg's squadron extended their overwhelming performance to close the half 13-2. Later the Swedes ended the map with a 16-3 overall score in de_dust2_se.

The Ninjas waiting for their match. Picture courtesy of

After remaking the schedule, it was supposed to be only one game in the first day of action, but the organization decided to hold a second match. This time was the turn for x6tence clashing bemyFRAG also in de_dust2_se. The former Counter-strike 1.6 team easily managed to take the lead in the scoreboard, getting the first pistol round and the next five rounds, where bemyFRAG scored their first. The strength on x6's teamplay did not waver and ended the half with a 12-3 score. The second half did not show us many changes, as ES Victor 'xikii' García and company did not waste time to close the match 16-5.

The action will continue on Saturday morning with loads of Counter-strike Global Offensive action in the Spanish arena, hopefully with no problems and delays as we saw in the first day. Stay tuned to SK-Gaming for our full coverage of the group stage and the upcoming rounds !

You can find the detailed schedule of the CS:GO event here.



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