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NaJin Sword - last team to attend Season 2 Championship

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Sep 21, 2012 18:38

ImageThe Korean Regionals finally came to an end today and with that the last team to attend Season 2 Championship has been decided.

The Korean Regionals final was held earlier today and in an epic 5 matches set KR NaJin Black Sword won against KR Azubu Blaze, despite the latter being the clear favourites. This came as a surprise to many as the Azubu team was considered a nearly 100% participant in the Season 2 Championship. KR Yoon 'MaKNooN' Ha-woon's team though worked hard on their way both to Regionals and the season finals and came out victorious in the end.

That's the second time Sword manages to win against Blaze in the last month as they secured their place in the Regionals by beating exactly the same team in the Azubu the Champions 3rd place match. From there on they won against KR LG-IM and KR Xenics Blast consecutively, thus reaching the final match vs Blaze, which was ultimately decided by a 5th game in blind pick mode.

Sword was generally the stronger team in all 5 games, getting an early advantage in every one of them, but they managed to lose it in bad teamfights in games 2 and 3. That didn't affect their mindset though and they brought their A game in the last two games which in the end allowed them to congratulate themselves with the win and the upcoming trip to LA.

After the final ended there was a surprise for everyone, including most probably some of the involved teams. Even though it was previously announced that the teams which won 1st seed from NA, EU, China and Korea will not participate in the group stage at the Championship, obviously Riot changed their mind and decided that the 1st seed from South East Asia should at least get a chance to be one of these "lucky" teams. For that reason the 5 teams, namely US Team SoloMid , EU Moscow Five , CN World Elite , KR Azubu Frost and TW Azubu Taipei Assassins were all assigned a ball with a number on it and 4 balls were drawn to see which teams will get directly into the bracket stage. In what was obviously a pretty bad day for the Azubu organisation, Frost drew the short end of the stick and will have to play in the group stage. The two groups themselves are yet to be announced.


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