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CARAMBA joins the Offensive

By (._.) 'DisappointedGuy' .
Sep 21, 2012 21:25

ImageAnother Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team emerge from the nordic countries. This time CARAMBA comes to light. The recently created squadron come from Finland featuring a trio of known players from the 1.6 world.

Another boost for the Finnish CS:GO scene has been revealed today, as a new team came to light. The troop that will play under the CARAMBA name features a trio of former Counter-Strike 1.6's known players. The brand new squad is completed for two former Counter-Strike: Source players.

If we look into the lineup we find world class and experienced players as FI Matti 'SPIKEONE' Järvinen and FI Niko 'naSu' Kovanen, making the structure a strong one and with good shape to face the new CS:GO scene.

CARAMBA's lineup is composed by:
FI Matti "SPIKEONE" Jarvinen
FI Niko "naSu" Kovanen
FI Slaava "Twista" Räsänen
FI Ville "SHATTE" Palola
FI Jesse "ESsej" Eriksson

Ville 'shatte' Palola talked about how the idea of the team came effective:
"I had already made up my mind that I would start playing CS:GO as soon it was released, so naturally I started to look for players who were interested in playing and had to skill to compete at a high level,

After few a gathers, I saw that naSu was playing a lot, so I asked him if he wanted to make a new team with me.

We have played a lot during the last three weeks. We have also participated in the CyberGamer Qualifier #1 and finished 3rd-4th.

I have a good feeling about our team, we are playing well and starting to get the hang of the game."

The team also stated that they plan to take part at in the Nordic qualifiers for the Electronic Sports World Cup as well as in the Cybergamer league. The troop is currently in the search for an organization to represent. If you are interested in support CARAMBA, you can get in touch with them via e-mail at




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