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Puzzle withdraws from NASL and GSL

By Tobias 'noxilicious' .
Sep 21, 2012 13:36

ImageDue to medical advice the NASL and GSL lost a player in the ongoing seasons. The Korean Protoss from team SlayerS will have to pause for quite some time.

KR Kim 'Puzzle' Sang Jun is not in the best shape regarding his health. According to the NASL he has withdrawn from NASL and GSL as doctors advised him to take a break. However it is not known what kind of health problems he has. Some people think that he is pneunomia but that is speculation and has not been approved yet. Hopefully Puzzle will have a full and speedy recovery and be able to play again soon.

Therefore a new player had to be selected to fill the spot in the fourth season of the NASL. KR Hak Soo 'Oz' Kim has been elected to fill the spot as he is the top scoring Protoss, according to NASL. A statement from GSL is yet to come as Puzzle's spot there has to be filled somehow as well.

Source: NASL



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